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Landini Landpower Series is Restyled

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Landini Landpower Series is Restyled

Among the innovations on show at the Eima Fair in Bologna last month was the new restyled Landini Landpower Series.
This six-cylinder range offers four models from 117hp to 158hp, mechanically governed by the 6.7 litre Iveco family of engines. The restyling of this range focused on the addition of a new four-post cab which now boasts the highest level of comfort.
The four-post cab design with fully-glazed, rear-hinged doors offers unequalled all-round visibility and allows the operator to enter and exit with ease. With this new wider and more spacious cab the operator will enjoy enhanced comfort in addition to the smart logically right hand control layout and a large foldable passenger seat.
The new Landpower will feature a Speed Six mechanical transmission with creeper and mechanical reverse shuttle providing 36 forward and 36 reverse speeds. This “Techno” transmission set-up will now feature an electro-hydraulic PTO fitted as standard.
The hydraulic system provides a maximum flow rate of 105 l/min and features up to five Bosch auxiliary valves. The rear lift with two assistor rams ensures a maximum lift capacity of 8400 kg and a Dromone telescopic hitch is standard.
This restyling process enhances the Landpower Series appeal as a straight forward, reliable tractor. Its new, stylish look now reflects the “Landini Family Feeling” which is also adopted across all four and six cylinder Landini ranges. D & S Machinery Ltd says that the new Landpower is already available in Ireland and will make its show debut at the Farm Machinery Show in Punchestown in the New Year.
Among the innovations on show at the Eima Fair in Bologna last month was the new restyled Landini Landpower Series.
This six-cylinder range offers four models from 117hp to 158hp, mechanically governed by the 6.7 litre Iveco family of engines. The restyling of this range focused on the addition of a new four-post cab which now boasts the highest level of comfort.
The four-post cab design with fully-glazed, rear-hinged doors offers unequalled all-round visibility and allows the operator to enter and exit with ease. With this new wider and more spacious cab the operator will enjoy enhanced comfort in addition to the smart logically right hand control layout and a large foldable passenger seat.
The new Landpower will feature a Speed Six mechanical transmission with creeper and mechanical reverse shuttle providing 36 forward and 36 reverse speeds. This “Techno” transmission set-up will now feature an electro-hydraulic PTO fitted as standard.
The hydraulic system provides a maximum flow rate of 105 l/min and features up to five Bosch auxiliary valves. The rear lift with two assistor rams ensures a maximum lift capacity of 8400 kg and a Dromone telescopic hitch is standard.
This restyling process enhances the Landpower Series appeal as a straight forward, reliable tractor. Its new, stylish look now reflects the “Landini Family Feeling” which is also adopted across all four and six cylinder Landini ranges. D & S Machinery Ltd says that the new Landpower is already available in Ireland and will make its show debut at the Farm Machinery Show in Punchestown in the New Year.

CESAR security for Massey Ferguson tractors

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

CESAR security for Massey Ferguson tractors

Massey Ferguson is fighting rural crime by now fitting the CESAR Security system as standard on all models from the MF 5400 Series and above. This added protection is proven to prevent theft as well as provide significant cuts in insurance premiums.

“Agricultural machinery theft continues to blight the industry,” says Ben Agar AGCO’s Manager, Marketing Services for UK and Ireland. “By factory-fitting CESAR we are making a practical move to help prevent theft. We believe, as a manufacturer, it is important to act responsibly and introduce measures to help our customers to not only protect their investment, but also guard against the massive unseen costs that often follow machinery theft.”

The CESAR plant and vehicle registration scheme is now standard on all tractors built in the Massey Ferguson Beauvais factory including all models in the MF 5400, MF 5600, MF 6400, MF 7600 and MF 8600 ranges.

For further protection Massey Ferguson also offers the option of AGCOMMAND – a GPS and telemetry-based tracking and monitoring system. This protects against theft by automatically sending instant alerts to owners when a vehicle leaves or enters certain areas, as well as providing a comprehensive fleet management system.

CESAR – Industry-standard security

Research shows CESAR equipped vehicles are four times less likely to be stolen and six times more likely to be recovered if taken.

The scheme provides highly visible, tamper evident triangular identification plates containing transponders to warn away thieves. Other tiny transponders are also hidden around the machine, which can be located and read by special scanners.

Hundreds of Datadots, with another unique number, are permanently concealed within the vehicle. These are virtually impossible to find and remove. Lastly, a forensic Datatag ‘DNA solution’, which is invisible to the naked eye, is applied to various parts of the machine and dripped into nooks and crannies.

This permanent identification deters criminals because it makes it far more difficult to conceal the machine’s true identity. But if a machine is stolen, it is much more likely to be recovered and returned because Police forces around the country carry scanners to quickly check and identify equipment.

Each machine is registered on a central database, with an emergency contact number. One recent example is a machine that was recovered near to the docks by a Police Officer suspicious of the load. A quick call to the owner confirmed the machine was missing from the shed – saving the owner thousands of pounds.

AGCOMMAND telemetry for security and control

AGCOMMAND, an advanced telemetry system developed by AGCO can also be used to track, monitor and control vehicles using GPS and a mobile telephone link to the internet.

This innovative system ensures owners know exactly where all machinery is at any time, night or day, as well as providing customers with a low cost, easy to use data recording and fleet management system. For iPhone and iPad owners, the system is even now easier to use with a new AGCOMMAND App, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

The first level of the new telemetry system, AGCOMMAND Standard Plus can be installed on any self-propelled machine. The system constantly logs and transmits data relating to location, engine operation, ground speed and working status, which can be easily monitored from a PC or smart ‘phone or tablet.

It will also keep owners and managers informed about routine maintenance requirements and this information can also be made available to the servicing dealer via a separate log in the AGCOMMAND server. All the data is recorded to common standards so it can be used by farm management software to create precise records and, for example, enable the calculation of operating costs.

The vehicle’s position is located by GPS and this, along with operating data is recorded every minute by the AGCOMMAND AM50 module which then transmits the data by a standard mobile phone SIM card, via the GSM network to AGCO’s central computer server.

The operating information is then made available on a special secure website. Individual user’s data is protected by a username and password and is accessed simply through a secure internet connection on a PC or via a mobile device.


Farmall U Pro Efficient Power – the new custom-made all-rounder

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Farmall U Pro Efficient Power – the new custom-made all-rounder

Case IH to launch new Farmall U Pro, an all-rounder precisely matched to modern requirements of mixed and livestock farms / Completely new development from St. Valentin, Austria / Tractor range features numerous innovations

Comprehensive market research and field testing on a scale rarely seen before on an all-round Case IH tractor has driven the development of the newly-announced Farmall U Pro, a new tractor concept designed by Case IH engineers to meet the requirements of today’s mixed and arable farms.

During the tractor’s test phase, numerous European farmers were asked about their exact operating requirements. That was followed by customer clinics at which prototypes and concepts were tested early on for their practical feasibility.

“What we discovered is that what European farmers require of a versatile all-round tractor has changed considerably in recent years,” says Remo Müller, Product Marketing Manager Europe for Farmall U. “Operating conditions are more varied, and application scenarios in terms of the equipment combinations used have become more professional.

“Powerful engines with high torque and lower fuel consumption, a comfortable working space, good terrain compatibility and an ideal partner for loader work are the most important requirements mentioned by farmers in our research. In the field, customers are also looking for flexible working environment at the front, rear and sides of the tractor, while they need tractors that can handle mounted implements that are getting larger and require higher performance from hydraulic systems.”

Clear specifications for Case IH engineers

Based on this up-to-date application profile, the new Farmall U Pro was developed completely from the ground up in St. Valentin. With the Farmall U Pro, Case IH presents a new all-round tractor that from the beginning has been developed to meet changed requirements for a versatile tractor to perform transport jobs, around-the-farm tasks and heavy tillage, as well as harvesting work.

Power comes courtesy of the latest engine technology. A 3.4 litre high pressure common rail engine with electronic fuel injection delivers powerful outputs and constant power between 1900 to 2200 engine rpm with minimal fuel consumption while complying with current emissions standards.

Three models in the new series will be available, with engine power outputs of 95, 105 and 115hp.

Comprehensive equipment now standard

In addition to the latest engine technology, the new Farmall U Pro also sets new standards in terms of equipment. The transmission has been developed in a joint project with ZF and features innovative details in this tractor class.

For the first time in a Case IH tractor of this class, a 32+32 Eco gearbox is used with four-speed powershift. A maximum speed of 40 kph is achieved in Eco mode at reduced engine rpm, making a considerable contribution to fuel savings.

The Farmall U Pro is also equipped as standard with a four-speed PTO with 1,900 rpm Eco speed – ideal for fuel-saving operation of PTO powered machinery such as balers while still benefiting from full power.

New cab design: more operator comfort

The new Premium cab is a Farmall U Pro hallmark. From outside the tractor is immediately recognisable thanks to its innovative roof design. A high visibility window is integrated directly into the front section of the roof, merging with the front windscreen. As a result it offers an almost seamless view of the front loader work area.

Efficient Power concept

Inside the cab the Case IH engineers have implemented the proven Efficient Power operator concept, built around the Multicontroller transmission lever. All the main functions required for daily work can be operated using this newly-developed controller, including rear hitch, power shuttle and power clutch, plus electronic remote valves. Mechanical remote valves are standard with the option of mechanically-controlled mid-mount valves for loader operation. As an additional option, a newly-developed joystick can be used to conveniently control all electro-hydraulic functions with a high level of precision. This layout sets new standards, particularly in front loader operation.

The innovative new design ensures the cab remains cool in warm weather and provides optimum soundproofing. There’s a revised climate control package, with all air inlets no higher than the dashboard to provide pleasant and draft-free ventilation.

Robust design

Based on the research, Case IH engineers in St. Valentin created an extremely robust rear 3-point hitch. The Farmall U Pro is therefore ideally equipped to handle modern mounted equipment’s higher weights and widths. A powerful PFC hydraulic system with separate oil tank delivers an oil flow rate of up to 100 litres per minute.

The new design has also produced a very low centre of gravity, which considerably improves operation in rough terrain and increases safety, especially in hilly terrain.

The tractors’ front hitch area has also been designed with the linkage integrated into the tractor frame to be fully compatible with front loader operation. All Farmall U Pro models can be factory-installed with the brackets and hydraulic connections for front loader attachment.

The new Farmall U Pro has been developed and is manufactured at the Case IH St. Valentin plant in Austria, where all technical training for the product also takes place.

Farmall u pro

New SAME Virtus tractors: Three new models in the 100hp-120hp power band

Monday, January 7th, 2013

SAME has launched a completely new range of high performance tractors – the Virtus 100 (99hp), Virtus 110 (110hp) and Virtus 120 (122hp).

A key feature of these new models is their high power to weight ratio – the 122hp Virtus 120, for example, has a power-to-weight ratio of 38.5 kg/hp. Combined with a permissible load of 8,000 kg the result is a new tractor category which is considered to be unique in the market.

All Virtus models are powered by Deutz 4-cylinder, electronically managed common rail engines. The external liquid-cooled exhaust gas recirculation system combined with the POC filter and DOC catalytic converter reduce particulate and NOx levels to obtain optimum efficiency in terms of emission control. All Virtus models comply with Tier 4i emissions regulations and the engine delivers 95% of maximum power at just 1600 rpm.

In the transmission department a 60+60 Powershift transmission provides a top speed of 50 km/h, a working  range from 2.9 to 16 kph and a 134 m/h creeper speed. The transmission also includes an automatic front wheel drive engagement and differential management system. There are four pto speeds of 540/540E/1000/1000E rpm and also a ground speed (Syncro) pto.

The SDF Sense Clutch hydraulic shuttle offers an important technological innovation in the Stop&Go system which allows the operator to control tractor forward and reverse movements using only the brake pedals without touching the clutch pedal. Loader work becomes easier as does hitching implements or making up-hill starts. The hydraulic shuttle lever incorporates a response control to select sharper or softer response from the shuttle, according to operating requirements.

For the hydraulics, the new tractors have a hydraulic system with a 90 l/min pump and the electronically controlled rear linkage has a lift capacity of 6600kg. Purchasers can specify 6/8-way mechanical remote control valves or more advanced proportional 6/8/10 way electric control valves, with flow/time control. When the lift and control valves are not in use the hydraulic system uses an automatic on/off valve in the hydraulic circuit to interrupt the oil flow to the services, diverting it to the transmission.

Virtus is also fitted with a Steering Double Displacement system (SDD) which, at the touch of a button, allows the operator to halve the number of steering wheel turns required to achieve maximum lock.

Braking efficiency is maximised through use of a hydrostatic braking system with independent oil bath disks on all four wheels. The Powerbrake system assists the operator during braking by reducing the load on the pedal while maintaining full braking capacity. All models are also equipped with the Park Brake system which is designed to ensure the tractor is always securely and efficiently immobilized.

For the operator, the cab is designed to ease the strain of long days in the field. Front axle suspension, pneumatic cab suspension and a cab offering simplicity of driving functions, all-round visibility combine to make the everyday work experience pleasant and comfortable.

Finally, Same points out that close attention has been paid to the choice of tyres which are available in diameters from 34” to 38” with widths suitable for ploughing, flotation, sowing and road transport. All combinations are available with heavy duty fixed and adjustable rims homologated for 50 km/h.

Same Virtus range

Model                                                                                   100                         110                         120

Engine Type                                                                                       TCD 3.6L 04 Tier 4i

Power@rated speed (2200rpm) kW/hp             69.5/95                     77/105                  85.5/116

Maximum power@2000rpm       kW/hp             72.5/98.5                  81/110                  89.5/122

Maximum Torque@1600rpm      Nm                         397                            440                        480

Shuttle                                                                                                       Powershuttle

No of speeds (5 gears x 2 (or 4) ranges)                 10 +10 (20 + 20 with Underdrive and Creeper)                                                                         30 + 30, HML (60 +60 HML with Underdrive and Creeper)

Maximum Speed                                                                                             40 at ECO engine speed/50

Electrohydraulic 4WD/difflock engagement                                         STD/ASM optional

Front axle suspension                                                                                                    OPT

Braking on all four wheels                                                                            STD/ Powerbrake optional

Parking Brake                                                                                                                    STD

Trailer brake                                                                                                       Air/Hydraulic or both

Electronic rear linkage                                                                                    STD 4650kg or 6600kg

Pump capacity                                                                                   60 STD/ 60 ECO (OPT)/90 (OPT)

PTO speeds                                                                                        540/540E/1000/1000E

Groundspeed pto                                                                                                            OPT

Front linkage and pto                                                                                     OPT 1850kg 1000rpm

PTO engagement                                                                                             Electrohydraulic

Class E cab                                                                                                                           STD

Mechanical or pneumatic suspension                                                                     OPT

Wheelbase mm                                                                2430                       2430/2390                  2440

Weight kg                                                                            4150                           4300                           4700

Max permissible load kg                                               7500                            7500                        8000

SAME Virtus

Landini Mistral 55 priced to go

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Roundwood Machinery Ltd have this neat 2007 Landini Mistral 55 on special offer for €10,500 or £8960

Please click here for more information

New 6R Series tractors offer more power, comfort and security

Monday, October 31st, 2011

New 6R Series tractors offer more power, comfort and security

With more than 550,000 units produced by the Mannheim factory since 1992, John Deere’s 6000 Series is Europe’s most successful tractor range. The newly styled 6R Series models for 2012 now introduce new levels of power, performance and operator comfort, including improved suspension, unprecedented cab visibility, more powerful hydraulics and increased lift capacities. For added security, 6R tractors are also fitted as standard with CESAR Datatag and immobiliser systems, with a unique transponder based key.

Three large frame models are initially available, the 6170R, 6190R and 6210R, equipped with a Stage IIIB 6.8-litre six-cylinder PowerTech PVX engine rated from 170 to 210hp, or a maximum of 200 to 240hp with Intelligent Power Management (according to 97/68EC). This makes the top of the range 6210R the biggest tractor ever built at Mannheim, and the first model to be produced by the factory with over 200 rated hp.

This is more power than the existing 7830 tractor from the 7030 Series, yet it weighs 1.5 tonnes less, at under 8 tonnes, which provides the ultimate power-to-weight ratio for this category of tractor. Based on John Deere’s established full-frame design, these new models also have a longer wheelbase of 2.8m and can be fitted with larger Group 48 tyres with a maximum diameter of 205cm, the same size as 8R Series tractors.

This will help to deliver extra traction by delivering all the power to the ground, while at the same time minimising soil compaction, thus increasing overall productivity and performance. The heavy-duty rear axle also provides fast and stepless tread setting changes. A 2.25m tread setting is available for either fixed or adjustable wheels, with the option of a flanged or rack & pinion axle for extra versatility.

An optional front pto and an integrated front hitch with a lift capacity of 4000kg are also available ex-factory for the first time on 6R Series tractors, while maximum lift capacity of the rear hitch is 9550kg on the 6210R. The front hitch is fully compatible with the new John Deere H Series front loaders, which have been developed to provide maximum visibility and to match the new tyre size and tractor chassis dimensions. The loaders are available in non self-levelling (NSL), mechanical self-levelling (MSL) and hydraulic self-levelling (HSL) versions, with a wide range of attachments.

The loader boom suspension can be switched on and off from the cab via a button on the new mechanical joystick control lever, which can operate up to three independent hydraulic functions simultaneously. The new loaders also feature the established MemoSystem for automatic positioning of the bucket or implement.

John Deere’s fuel efficient diesel-only engine uses field proven technology to meet the latest emissions standards, based on exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), with the addition of an exhaust filter that contains a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF), as widely used in the construction and automotive industries. An innovative distributed cooling system further improves engine performance.

Transmission options include the established AutoPowr continuously variable transmission, as well as AutoQuad Plus and PowerQuadPlus with SoftShift for smoother gear changes under load. The 40kph AutoQuad Plus EcoShift transmission can produce lower engine rpm at high transport speeds, to maximise operator comfort and reduce fuel consumption.

With the new AutoPowr drive pedal mode, the operator can choose between three different settings depending on the application or their driving style. Once the desired engine rpm is set using the hand throttle, forward speed can be independently adjusted using the drive pedal.

The new 6R ComfortView cab has over 20 per cent more space and a similar increase in visibility. It offers a completely new level of operator comfort, with features such as the 7in full-colour GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display with optional touch screen and video capability, adjustable air suspended seat, integrated climate and radio controls, Bluetooth connectivity and an optional panorama roof. The display is fully compatible with ISOBUS and tractor-implement automation (TIA) applications.

The right-hand CommandArm console helps to maximise productivity with hot keys for field cruise control, the iTEC automatic implement control system, transmission and pto settings, all hitch functions and MFWD controls. It also accommodates the radio, air conditioning and light controls. The optional all-in-one GreenStar 2630 display has a robust touch screen with backlit LCD, This enables powerful applications such as Guidance Pro modules, advanced ISOBUS capability, documentation and video monitoring of implements.

Further options include the new HCS Plus hydraulic cab suspension and TLS Plus triple link suspension for the front axle, to provide optimum traction and field performance. TLS Plus transfers up to 7 per cent more

power onto the ground, and features +/-50mm of suspension travel as well as automatic adjustment of axle sensitivity and the suspension rate.

The new versatile lighting system on 6R Series tractors delivers 185 per cent more light output compared to previous models. It includes up to 10 cab lights integrated into the front, rear and sides of the roof line to provide 360 degree visibility, plus six adjustable belt-line and rear fender field lights, and six field, spot and road lights on the bonnet grille. Eight optional Xenon lights are also available, and all the lights are controlled from the CommandCenter display.

6210R tractor B

New John Deere 6R Series tractor cab

John Deere wide area mower improved for 2011

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Wide area mower improved for 2011

John Deere’s new version of the Series II 1600 Turbo WAM out-front rotary mower features as standard a Stage IIIB (Interim Tier 4) engine to meet the latest emission standards, a fully adjustable high-backed air suspension seat to improve operator comfort, and run-flat tyres on the castor-action gauge wheels to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

With its 3.25m (128in) overall cutting width, the 1600T WAM offers the ultimate in power, manoeuvrability, traction and operator comfort for commercial mowing contractors, local authorities, golf courses and other public and private institutions. Additional improvements for 2011 include more efficient hydraulics and deck motors, a two-post folding ROPS and Service ADVISOR diagnostics for extra serviceability, both in the workshop and in the field.

The 1600T WAM is powered by a 57hp turbocharged Yanmar diesel engine, equipped with electronic engine control and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system for lower emissions and improved engine responsiveness. It has a high torque reserve and can produce plenty of power for the toughest conditions.

The three robust rear discharge mower decks are fabricated from 7-gauge steel, the thickest in the industry. In mower form, the machine is capable of covering up to 3.4ha (8.5ac) an hour, at speeds of up to 9mph, with a cutting height of between 25 and 140mm (1 and 5.5in).

Each wing has a breakaway feature that allows the mower deck to move back and away from any obstacle, then automatically reset to the normal working position. Other operator friendly specifications include electronic cruise control, hydrostatic power steering and a tiltable steering wheel, and the ROPS can be folded down easily without tools for safe operation under tree canopies or in other confined spaces.

Featuring a proven mechanical four wheel drive system, an 83 litre (18gal) fuel tank and a transport speed of up to 14.5mph, the machine is particularly suitable for large-scale commercial mowing. Base UK list price of the 2011 season John Deere Series II 1600 Turbo WAM is the same as the previous model, at £41,143 (€47,849 in Ireland).

New Holland Telehandler Range extends its range

Monday, July 18th, 2011
New Holland has further extended its range of telehandlers
into the sub-six metre segment
· Two new LM5020 and LM5030 models for livestock and light industrial applications
· Compact overall dimensions comply with strict two metre height and width restrictions
· Robust design enhances durability in demanding applications
· Exceptional manoeuvrability with super tight turning circle as small as 3.4 metres and an inching pedal
· Panoramic visibility courtesy of outstanding glazed area
· Up to an impressive 110litres/minute hydraulic flow for reduced cycle times and maximum 2.8 tonne lifting performance
· Industry-leading operator comfort
New Holland has extended the LM5000 range of telehandlers to include two new compact models: the LM5020 and LM5030, to suit the needs of operations that work in restricted spaces. The two new models feature productivity enhancing 360° visibility and unsurpassed manoeuvrability, together with industry-leading levels of operator comfort, all housed in a super compact frame of not more than two metres wide and high. Distinctive New Holland styling and powerful Tier 3 compliant engines complete the package.
“The LM5020 and LM5030 complete New Holland’s range of telehandlers,” said Pierre Lahutte, Head of Tractors, Telehandlers & Precision Farming Product Management. “The LM5020 is perfect for small livestock and horticultural operations, offering high levels of lifting performance in an overall compact package. The LM5030 is the natural choice for more demanding farmers, working in hilly conditions or for silage applications, or even for light industrial businesses, thanks to the 101hp engine.”
Compact dimensions for restricted spaces
The LM5020 and LM5030 are set to become the default choice for height sensitive operations. The machines’ overall compact dimensions ensure they offer ‘access all areas’ manoeuvrability, while maintaining the power to perform. The LM5020 is equipped with the powerful and efficient Tier 3 Common Rail turbo charged engine, whereas the LM5030 offers mechanical injection for economical efficiency. The LM5020’s overall dimensions of 4.1 metres x 1.8 metres x 1.95 metres (length x width x height) mean that even the lowest chicken sheds can be accessed with ease.When combined with a 2.5 tonne lift capacity at 5.78 metres, performance and accessibility are a given. The LM5030 also guarantees easy-access, together with a beefed-up lift capacity of 2.8 tonnes at 6.35 metres, in a petite framer of 4.67 metres x 2 metres x 2 metres (length x width x height).
Robust design for dependable operation
The LM5020 and LM5030 models have been optimised for reliability and dependability in demanding operating environments thanks to their robust in-house design and manufacture. All key stressed components, including the chassis and boom are produced in thick, reinforced steel to guarantee stability and durability during prolonged operation. The heavy-duty steel structure means that the LM5020 and LM5030 are, on average, 10-12% heavier than the competition for increased stability when lifting heavy loads at full extension.
New Holland’s extensive dealer network has been trained to offer support and to undertake routine maintenance for the entire range of LM5000 telehandlers.
Turn on a six pence manoeuvrability
New Holland knows that unparalleled manoeuvrability is a prerequisite for efficient yard work and the two new telehandler models deliver just that. The LM5020 has a turning circle of 3.4 metres and the LM5030 can turn around in a mere 4.0 metres, which offers turn on a six pence manoeuvrability, even in the tightest yards and sheds. An inching pedal is available to guarantee precision machine placement, perfect when stacking or selecting bales, moving fertiliser or grain for improved accuracy, reduced loses and increased safety, productivity and profitability. Thanks to the machine’s robust design, the high degree of torsional rigidity further enhances positioning accuracy.
The LM5030 benefits from a highly accurate two pilot light steering alignment system. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that both the front and rear wheels are aligned to guarantee precision operation, perfect when working in conditions of reduced visibility or in dimly lit sheds.
Outstanding visibility for improved accuracy
To further enhance accuracy and safety, 360° visibility is guaranteed thanks to the very large glazed area. The panoramic wrap-around windscreen stretches right to the back of the cab and offers an unfettered view of the boom from ground level to full extension. Safety is further enhanced thanks to a fully compliant Fall-On-Protection-System (FOPS) compliant cab.
High performance hydraulics
The LM5020 and LM5030 models benefit from impressive hydraulic performance, perfect for even the most demanding applications. The respective 85 and 110 litres/minute hydraulic flow ensure that cycle times are kept to a minimum to guarantee efficient loading or bale stacking for improved productivity and reduced time lifting. Both models benefit from patented compensation cylinder technology. This technology is situated inside the lifting cylinder and ensures a balanced pressure is always exerted on the boom which offers two major benefits. This solution increases durability and also keeps attachments parallel to the ground during lifting for increased accuracy and safety.
The single, ergonomic joystick can control up to five services, ideal for specialist applications such as silage clamps. This intuitive lever falls perfectly to hand, to the operator’s right, and controls all lifting, extension and tertiary functions for all implements from forks through to buckets and clamps.
Unsurpassed operator comfort
The LM5020 and LM5030 cabs offer industry-leading levels of operator comfort and ergonomic operation for increased productivity and reduced fatigue during long working days. The spacious cab is mounted on silent blocks to cushion operators from the harshest shocks when working on uneven terrain. Operators of all sizes will feel perfectly at home as all machine controls fall perfectly to hand and can be operated from the comfort of the driver’s seat.
The entire range can be specified with two different comfort levels. The entry level offering is perfect for operations looking for economical productivity. This can be upgraded to the special comfort pack, which includes air-conditioning and double-glazing to keep operators cool on the hottest days or when working in humid livestock sheds; an air seat for enhanced comfort and a full range of work lights. For the most demanding customers, an additional comfort kit with a mobile telephone holder can also be specified.
The cab has a distinctive New Holland feel, both in its layout and colour schemeand key external styling cues have also been integrated including the blue boom and new ‘ blue and yellow swoosh’ visual identity.
Engine power hp[CV]
Dimensions (LxWxH) (Metres)
Max. boom extension (Metres)
Max. lift capacity (Tonnes)
Max. hydraulic flow (litres/minute)
Turning circle (Metres)
4.1 x 1.8 x 1.95
4.67 x 2.0 x 2.0
New telehandler
Telehandler cab

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV range 120hp to 260hp

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV range 120hp to 260hp

  • Three new models with 4-cylinder engines

Deutz-Fahr has introduced three new additions to its Agrotron TTV range: the Agrotron TTV 410, Agrotron TTV 420 and Agrotron TTV 430. As a result, the company’s Agrotron TTV range now extends from 120hp through to 260hp in six different models.

This power range means there is now a TTV model to suit all classes of farming whether it is the need for powerful, high torque fuel efficient tractors on large arable farms or for the lighter and smaller machines required by livestock farmers. In all situations the continuously variable transmission is there to enable operators to select the optimum and most economical speed for the task being performed.

The new Agrotron 410/420/430 tractors are powered by the latest fuel efficient, electronically managed 4-cylinder Deutz-Turbo-Diesel Series 2010 engines which feature common rail fuel injection (DCR), DPC four-valve technology as well as external exhaust gas recirculation. Maximum power output is rated at 121hp, 130hp and 142hp respectively.

Available with either 40 or 50 km/h TTV transmissions, maximum speed is reached at an engine speed of just 1800 rpm (50 km/h version) or 1600 rpm (40 km/h). The engines are also approved for bio-diesel (B100).




Rated Power    (2000/25 EC) hp/kW




Max Power with Power Boost                (2000/25EC) hp/kW

121 / 89



Engine capacity

4TI / 4038cc (4.0 litres)

Engine type

TCD 2012 L04 4V DCR


The TTV transmission fitted to the new Agrotron TTV 400 models features a high mechanical efficiency – up to 100% of the driving power is mechanically transmitted, reducing the higher energy absorbing hydrostatic ratio to a minimum.

There are three drive and work modes to support the transmission’s different operating ranges. In addition to the automatic mode, in which nearly 75% of all tasks can be carried out, there is a special operating mode for PTO-operations which automatically switches on when the power take-off shaft is activated, and there is also a manual mode.

Speed is varied steplessly within each working range by a hydrostatic unit. This gives the operator the possibility of infinitely variable travel speeds from 0-50 km/h (or by simple programming, 40 km/h), using the combination of the planetary trains and the hydrostatic unit.

The Agrotron TTV 410/420/430 tractors have an active stop control enabling the tractor to be braked without using the service brake and held in a stopped position.

Four PTO speeds as standard

The rear PTO offers four standard speeds : 540/540E;1000/1000E . Activation of the  PTO can be from the cab and also from pushbuttons on the left-hand rear mudguard – this electrohydraulic control ensures a modulated, low-stress PTO start-up.

In auto-mode the PTO automatically switches off during lifting and is reactivated when the powerlift is lowered helping to ensure linkage mounted implements are protected against damage.

With the economy PTO engaged, fuel consumption, engine load, noise, driver stress and the environmental burden are all reduced considerably due to the low engine speeds employed. An optional integrated front lift with front PTO (1000 rpm) is also available.

Operator comfort

The S-Class cab of the Agrotron 410/420/430 is fitted with over 6.5m2 of glass to provide good all-round visibility which is further enhanced by a roof window. Access to the cab is safe and easy with the S-Class boasting one of the widest opening doors on the market today.

On board furniture includes the PowerCom V armrest control used for all the main operating controls while other controls are grouped and colour coded together for ease of identification according to their function, i.e. hydraulics, auxiliary valves, PTO and transmission.

iMonitor as optional equipment

Conveniently positioned, simple to operate and easily understood: the new iMoniotor from DEUTZ-FAHR not only makes it easier to operate the tractor but also offers a range of new functions. The iMonitor is operated from a multi-controller which enables the driver to activate the individual tractor menus and allow them to be programmed accordingly.

With an integrated Bluetooth hands-free kit, MP3 player, integrated radio and a reversing camera, the iMonitor brings a new mode of operation to tractors – it can also be used for ISOBUS-controlled devices.

Load-Sensing as standard

The Agrotron TTV 410/420/430 tractors have a pressure and volume-controlled hydraulic load sensing system with a pump flow capacity of up to 110 l / min and a system pressure of 200 bar. A closed centre system uses an axial piston, variable displacement pump controlled by hydraulic demand. On implements with multiple hydraulic requirements, the system  having the highest pressure requirements determines the oil pressure.

Remote valves

The Agrotron TTV 410/420/430 tractors can be equipped with up to seven double-acting remote valves, each with four functions. All remote valves can be locked in either the lift or float position and also used as single or double acting.

Each valve has a separate oil flow control and, as a result, each individual hydraulic component receives the oil volume it requires. To avoid confusion, control levers are colour-coded and specifically assigned to the hydraulic connections.

All remote connections at the rear of the tractor can be coupled under pressure and are equipped with rapid break-away couplings and an oil collecting pan.

Large lifting cylinders provide a rear linkage lift force of 6.2 tons and implement coupling and uncoupling can be achieved through use of the external lift buttons on the rear mudguard.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is one of most important issues and, in the new tractors, Deutz-Fahr engineers have incorporated a range of hi-tech features that have resulted in one of the most economical tractor concepts in the industry.

For example, the engine is equipped with an eVISCO Fan (Electronic viscous fan), which is electronically controlled and ensures the temperature of the cooling water remains within the optimum range and that the engine does not overheat.

The new Power Brakes are also able to save fuel. In addition to the introduction of a brake booster to reduce pedal braking effort, internal changes to the brake disc tolerances have made the distance between the discs fractionally wider. Tests have shown that at maximum speed (50kph) the brake disc tolerance improvements have reduced power absorption by up to 8hp – extra power available for use by the tractor.

The LoadSensing hydraulic system is also improved. By fitting a separate hitch oil reservoir, the amount of oil needed within the transmission section can be reduced and this means less power is absorbed during operation, particularly when travelling at higher speeds. A separate hydraulic reservoir reduces  the risk of “dirty” oil coming from the implements and contaminating key transmission components.

Prices for the TTV 410, 420 and 430 models are £76,071, £78,449 and £80,796.

Deutz-Fahr TTV 430

Campey Turf Care has a New Dakota 410 Electric Turf Tender

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Introducing the New Dakota 410 Electric Turf Tender

The new Dakota 410 Electric Turf Tender from Campey Turf Care Systems provides all the advantages of the Dakota Top Dresser range; fast transportation and application of top dressing, with the additional benefit of having its own self-contained power source. Without the need for hydraulics it is also an option to use any electric vehicle to tow the tender.

Many golf courses already have utility vehicles easily capable of towing 1500kg. For these the 410 Electric Turf Tender is the obvious choice for superintendents looking to save time and manpower costs, by maximising the use of all their existing resources. It has also been designed to have more hitch weight to increase the traction of the towing unit.

As with all Dakota Turf Tenders, the 410 Electric can top-dress, fertilise, and spread grass seed. It will spread over 50 loads on a single charge and handles wet or dry materials with ease, spreading from light to heavy applications. A control box allows the operator to adjust the speed and spread patterns of the two spinners for spread width and density while on the move.

Dakota 410 electric