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New wider cutterbar to boost LEXION 600 performance

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

CLAAS has introduced a new 12 m wide VARIO cutterbar that will further boost the output capability of the high capacity LEXION 600 combine harvester.

Despite last year’s difficult harvesting conditions, analysis of the Telematics data showed that many LEXION 600s using 10.5m cutterbars consistently achieved average throughputs in excess of 60 tonnes/hour with peaks of over 100 t/hr.

As on the smaller V1050, the new V1200 cutterbar features a split reel and auger, supported on a central bearing. However, due to the width of the new cutterbar, the flexible knife bar has also been split. In place of the belt drive used on smaller cutterbars, the knives on the V1200 are powered by dual synchronised gear drives on each side of the cutterbar. This ensures operational quietness and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the cutting frequency has been increased from 1120 strokes/minute to 1334 strokes/minute.

As on all other VARIO cutterbars, the distance between the knife and the intake auger can be varied from 48cm to 78cm whilst on the move, which can help improve crop flow by up to 10%, and the new mechanical drive system incorporates telescopic shafts to accommodate this. For oilseed rape, by using infill plates and a longer drive shaft, the distance can be further extended to 108cm.

The intake auger itself has also been enlarged to 660mm diameter (580mm on the VARIO V1050) for greater stability and to provide greater uniformity of the increased crop matter being handled.

The reel runs on patented polymer shaft bearings and features crescent shaped reel tine arms designed to eliminate crop wrapping and so reduce harvest losses.

The cutterbar is designed so that oilseed rape side-knives can be quickly and easily mounted, and is equipped with a hydraulic pump with quick release couplings at each end of the cutterbar. The V1200 also comes as standard with twin foldable LASER PILOT units and folding crop dividers.

To ensure easy and quick movement between fields, the V1200 is transported on a new design of trailer that features equal width axles that allow it to be towed at speeds of up to 40kph. The trailer is also fitted with a secure storage box that is sufficiently large to accommodate both the oilseed rape filler plates and side knives.

Vario 1200a

New AVERO meets needs of smaller growers

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

For many smaller arable growers when it comes to harvesting their crops, other than using a contractor, they are faced with the option of either buying a new combine that it probably too big and expensive for their needs, or trying to find a good quality used smaller machine, which is extremely rare mainly because new machines of this size will be kept for a long time.

To meet the needs of farmers with between 100-500 acres of crops to harvest, CLAAS has introduced a new combine, the AVERO 240, which incorporates many features found on larger models to help boost output.

At the heart of the AVERO is a new design of threshing and separation system with 4 straw walkers working in combination with the well-proven APS (Accelerated Pre-Separation) system to give output levels similar to larger 5-walker machines.

VARIO option

As with the larger models, the new AVERO can be used with either a standard CLAAS cutterbar or the VARIO, on which the distance between the knife and cross auger can be altered from the cab by 30cm for cereals, or further extended by 50cm for oilseed rape, which can help boost throughput by up to 10%.

For speed and simplicity, all cutterbars are connected using a central multi-coupler first introduced on the LEXION, and are carried on 2-way cutterbar cylinders protected by a damping system. The cutterbar features hinged dividers and the reel is hydrostatically driven.

APS threshing

As with the larger TUCANO and LEXION models, the APS system on the new AVERO is designed to accelerate and smooth the crop flow into the combine, and to separate up to 30% of the grain in the pre-cleaning concave.

By threshing out this much grain at this stage, the capacity of the secondary separation system to remove the harder-to-thresh grains is increased, which helps boost output by as much as 20% whilst also saving fuel.

The APS cylinder is 1060mm wide and 450mm in diameter and has a multi-purpose, 151 degree concave that does not need to be changed for different crops. Disawning plates can be fitted below the concave that are operated using a lever next to the feed housing.

Secondary separation

The AVERO is fitted with four, 3900mm long straw walkers with four steps that have a total separation area of 4.8m2 and have been redesigned to work with the APS threshing system.

The ISS (Intensive Separation System) ensures that large volumes of straw can be handled and any remaining grains efficiently separated.

The cleaning system features a long removable grain pan and is fitted with a high-performance fan that can be continuously adjusted from the cab.

As an option, the AVERO can be fitted with the CLAAS 3D levelling system to reduce losses when working on hillsides.

The new AVERO has a centrally positioned, 5600 litre capacity grain tank, which can be emptied in under two minutes. The driver has good visibility into the tank, grain samples can be easily taken and returns monitored via a lit inspection window.

Straw and chaff can either be left in a swath for baling, or chopped and spread by the straw chopper, on which the discharge width and direction can be easily adjusted.

Cat power

The AVERO 240 is powered by a common-rail, 6.6 litre Caterpillar engine developing 198hp (ECE R 120). A particular feature of this engine is its low fuel consumption and the combine is fitted with a 400 litre fuel tank.

A redesigned version of the CLAAS VISTA cab provides the operator with a comfortable, spacious work environment. The cab features air-conditioning and air-sprung driver’s seat, in addition to a fully adjustable steering column and passenger seat.

A multi-function lever incorporates controls for all the main combine functions, whilst the CLAAS Information System (CIS) provides the operator with a clear display of all the main functions.

The standard specification also includes eight work lights and centralised lubrication points, and a wide range of tyre sizes are available, with front axle sizes ranging from 18.4-30 12PR up to 800/65 R 32, giving transport widths of 2.68m and 3.28m respectively.

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TUCANO goes rotary

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Following the successful introduction of the TUCANO range last year, CLAAS has extended the range with the addition of a new model, the TUCANO 480, which features the performance-boosting CLAAS Hybrid rotary threshing system.

Previously only available on top-end LEXION models, the Hybrid system brings together the CLAAS APS (Accelerated Pre Separation) primary threshing system with the ROTO PLUS rotary secondary separation. However, unlike the

LEXION Hybrid models that use twin rotors, the new TUCANO Hybrid features just a single, large diameter rotor.

Powered by a 365hp Caterpillar engine and suitable for use with cutterbars up to 9.0m wide, it is expected that the TUCANO 480 will be capable of harvesting up to 1700 acres.

Cutterbar options

As with current TUCANO models, the new TUCANO 480 can be fitted with both the standard and VARIO cutterbars up to 9.0m wide, plus more specialist headers such as for grain maize. As previously, the cutterbar is quickly and simply attached using a central multi-coupler.

A new feature on the TUCANO 480 is the inclusion of a flexible bearing in the cutterbar mount, which allows the cutting angle of the cutterbar to be altered depending on field conditions or the size of tyres fitted.

Hybrid threshing

The benefits of combining the primary APS threshing system to separate out about 30% of the grain, leaving the ROTO PLUS rotor to separate the remainder is well proven and the reason behind the high capacity of LEXION Hybrid models.

As with the LEXION, on the new Hybrid system in the TUCANO 480, the rotor speed of the APS primary threshing unit is controlled independently of the single ROTO PLUS rotor.

This ensures that each element in the threshing system can be individually set to reflect crop conditions and that the crop is carefully threshing without overly damaging the grain or straw.

The APS system features a 1580mm wide and 450m diameter drum and is fitted with a multi-crop concave. Each element of the APS system – the accelerator, threshing drum and impeller – are directly driven and synchronised to maintain an even crop flow.

The new single ROTO PLUS rotor is 4200m long and 570mm in diameter to provide a high centrifugal speed even at low speeds. This helps reduce power requirement but ensures maximum separation whilst gently handling the straw.

The rotor is directly driven and six operating speeds can be selected: 850; 750; 650; 552; 478 and 422 rpm, so making it easy to find the ideal speed for crop or field conditions.

The cleaning system has a total area of 5.65m2 and features a removable grain pan with six turbine fans adjustable from the cab, plus electrically adjusted sieves. As an option, the TUCANO 480 can also be specified with 3D sieves for hillside work.

The TUCANO 480 comes with a 9000 litre centrally positioned tank, with a discharge rate of 75 litres/second.

To ensure a high quality chop for optimum incorporation, the TUCANO 480 is fitted with a CLAAS ‘Special Cut’ 80 blade straw chopper. An ‘Active Spreader’ is also available as an option, which has two spreading rotors operating in opposite directions, that then accelerates the chopped material for an even spread across the full working width.

Operator comfort

The VISTA cab on the TUCANO 480 provides the operator with a high level of comfort and all the main controls are operated via the main Multifunction joystick.

Using the CEBIS control system, the operator can quickly and easily see and alter all the machine settings, and monitor aspects such as throughput or grain losses, which are measured across the full width of the combine.

Following its successful introduction on the LEXION range, the new TUCANO 480 can also be fitted with the CLAAS Telematics monitoring system.

Using an internet link to upload operational information to a secure website, this data can then be used to monitor and analyse a wealth of information. All the main machine settings can be viewed remotely plus a whole range of output information can be selected, including a Combine League to compare performance with other machines.

By overlaying data on Google Earth, the Telematics information can also be used to analyse harvest logistics with a view to improving efficiency. The system can also be used to help remotely diagnose any faults, so reducing service downtime.

Available also on the TUCANO 480 is a comprehensive all-round lighting package. For quick and easy cleaning an air-compressor, air gun and line is fitted and a hinged radiator frame ensures quick and easy access.

Tucano cutawaya

New high output ROLLANT balers

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

CLAAS has introduced a new heavy duty fixed chamber round baler range, the ROLLANT 454 RC, ROLLANT 455RC and the ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP.

These new high capacity balers are designed to offer optimum bale density and have been designed to reliability achieve high outputs even in heavy, dense silage crops.


Creating a bale measuring 1.25m x 1.20m, a particular feature of these two new ROLLANT models is the ROTO CUT chopping unit, which is designed to provide a high quality chop in all conditions.

Both ROLLANT models are controlled using the CLAAS COMMUINICATOR control unit which enables the operator to not only quickly and easily set-up or change all aspects of the baler, but also record a wealth of output information.

The new ROTO CUT chopping unit is fitted with a total of 25 knives giving a minimum chop length of 4.8cm. This compares to current ROLLANT 355 ROTO CUT units that feature 16 knives.

Using the COMMUNICATOR, the operator can engage either 0; 12; 13 or all 25 blades. In UK silage conditions, where a shorter chop is required, then this can be achieved by engaging all the blades. Alternatively the operator can opt for a longer chop length by engaging half the blades and then once these need re-sharpening, the second half set can then be used, so prolonging production time in the field.

Another new feature of the ROTO CUT unit is the ability to hydraulically lower the chopping unit floor using the COMMUNICATOR in order to clear blockages or for servicing.

Incorporated into the COMMUNICATOR control unit is a blockage detection function, which alerts the operator that the floor is opening by 15mm, allowing him to slow down.

In the event that the feeding channel does block the operator will firstly lower the knives, then lower the floor and then re-engage the chamber to clear the blockage. Once the PTO speed returns to 500rpm, the floor will lift back up and the knives are re-engaged.

For even greater bale density, the new ROLLANT 455 is equipped with the proven CLAAS MPS pivoting roller system. Both the ROLLANT 454 and ROLLANT 455 feature heavier duty drive chains and roller bearings.

In addition to incorporating a ramp to facilitate loading net wrap rolls, the net wrap system on both balers also features a new electromagnetic brake system. Controlled using the COMMUNICATOR, as the net wrap is used, so the braking pressure is altered to ensure that optimum and uniform wrapping tension is maintained.

Specifically on the ROLLANT 455, both MPS pressure and bale chamber pressure, can be adjusted via the COMMUNICATOR control terminal


In the UK, CLAAS will also be offering ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP which completely integrates baling and wrapping in one operation.

The wrapping unit is structurally reinforced and incorporates a new hydraulic motor for a higher orbital arm speed. This results in less time to wrap each bale and ensures that the bale has finished wrapping before the next bale is ready to leave the chamber.

For accuracy and speed, large guide rollers are fitted to ensure the bale is placed centrally on the table when working on hillsides. The UNIWRAP also incorporates new heavy duty knives for greater reliability and to ensure a consistent, clean cut.

The higher arm speed combined with a quicker transfer time from baler to wrapper means that the whole wrapping cycle is up to 30% faster, giving the ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP the potential to bale and wrap around 60 bales an hour.

All the main functions are controlled from the cab using the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR. The specification also includes two hydraulically operated film storage boxes capable of holding a total of 12 rolls of film and to keep ground damage to a minimum the baler is carried on 550/60-22.5 tyres, with the option of larger 600/50 tyres.

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Massey Ferguson MF 8690 tractor strikes gold again with innovation award at Germany’s Demopark Show

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

The MF 8690 tractor has been awarded a Gold Medal at the Innovations Awards at Germany’s Demopark show. This latest accolade continues Massey Ferguson’s MF 8600 flagship tractor range’s award-winning form since its launch last year. The range now has a collection of five top prizes including three golds.

Demopark is the largest German show for the landscaping and municipal industries, and attracts over 25,000 visitors.

Apart from the tractor’s top-line power and efficiency credentials, the judges were impressed by the machine’s E3 Selective Catalytic Reduction engine technology. In their citation, the judges stated: “Standard tractors from agriculture are being used more and more often at construction sites and in municipalities where they serve as towing vehicles for dump trucks, work in combination with a soil stabliser, or run in front of a wood splitter. The MF 8690 sets new standards, especially in engine technology. The AdBlue technology (SCR catalytic converter) not only provides better exhaust emission values but also high fuel efficiency.”

At 370hp, the MF 8690 is not only the world’s most powerful conventional four-wheel drive tractor it is also the first ever to be equipped with the industry-leading e³ Selective Catalytic Reduction exhaust treatment, making it the cleanest emission tractor in its class as well as delivering unparalleled  fuel economy. This new technology is also available on all five models in the complete MF 8600 range from 270-370hp (Max Power).

The most notable innovations at Demopark are awarded gold and silver medals. Selected by a jury representing five trade magazines (Agrartechnik, GaLaBau, Lohnunternehmen, Baumatechnik, Kommunaltechnik, Greenkeepers Journal and Motorgeräte), this year saw six gold and ten silver medals presented. The winners received their awards on the first day of the show (21 June) at Eisenbach from Dieter Dänzer, Chief Editor of Agrartechnik, representing the jury.

This is the latest in a series of prestigious European awards for the MF 8600 which includes Tractor of the Year 2009 and the Golden Tractor Design award at Italy’s EIMA Show, a Gold Medal for Innovation for the OptiRide Plus cab suspension at the SIMA Show in Paris and the Gold Prize for Innovation at Hungary’s AGRO+MASH EXPO.

“We are proud and honoured to receive such high profile recognition from these independent juries for our new products,” says Richard Markwell, Vice President and Managing Director Massey Ferguson, Europe, Africa and Middle East. “We have built our reputation on pioneering new technology and these awards clearly demonstrate that Massey Ferguson continues to set benchmarks for others to follow.”

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Last Week Of August

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Well Monday was spent carrying out necessary workshop duties that were just getting put off for too long, yet the pile of work never seems to reduce. Also I am still trying to get over the fact that how a day can just disappear on you without any major work being done.

Tuesday was for the road and Machineshift. It was a trip to Fermoy County Cork where Cavanagh’s of Fermoy are home to, Canavangh’s of Fermoy are a main Ford car dealership with a New Holland franchise. Colm Butler looks after the New Holland affairs for Cavanagh’s of Fermoy. Its a nice premises both parts of the business work well together without finding a lack of space, from Colm’s office there is a view into the workshop below not a normal thing to find in any typical dealership, usually the mechanics are kept as far away from the front line as humanly possible, but from Colm’s office there is a sense that they really want you to know what goes on in all departments. Talking to Colm in his office about the general state of affairs and business he keeps upbeat about the “current climate”  its a case of having to just deal with it. He mentioned that the workshop staff are kept very busy with combine work and that talk of the harvest has been primarily good, with crops coming  less then 20% moisture coupled with the weather we’ve been having that’s considerably good. He talked about how farmers income has had such a knock on effect to just there day to day work of business. Fermoy is surrounded by dairy producers who are faced with poor milk prices also the cereal growers have the difficult weather conditions to contend with to try and salvage what they can from the fields before its gone to waste.

The journey back was considerably scenic even took the car ferry in Dunmore. This journey brought me to Duncormick Tractors in Duncormick Co Wexford, the main dealer for Landini and McCormick tractors and suppliers of high quality farm machinery. These are the people to talk to when you just can not locate that bolt that’s holding the whole back end of a tractor together.

Wednesday once again spent in the workshop and yes the day just got away once again. Made an appointment to get to Abbey Retail in the Clerihan branch for Thursday.

Kevin Gaynor looks after the sales for Abbey Retail in the Ballyclerihan branch County Tipperary. Abbey Retail have their main branch in Nenagh right beside the Abbey farm machinery building. Abbey Retail are the main dealers for Massey Ferguson and Fendt tractors also a franchise dealer for Abbey Machinery farm machinery specialists. Both retail premises are the exact same to walk into its quiet unique to a machinery dealer usually its something you only attribute to a car dealership. Walking in the door your greeted by an array of display shelving sporting all the wears and consumables any agricultural hand may require, against the wall in front of you is the spare parts counter to the left is the sales office. Abbey retail have a nice selection of new and used machinery have a look at their link to to see their listings.

Friday back on the road again this time for RML, quick spin to Husqvarna distributors Liffey Distributors for a few parts then onto Ardee to the people of PJ Callan on the Kells Road Ardee County Louth. Dropped off their Einbock sower and picked up a 12t short stroke tractor driven log splitter. Pointed the jeep and trailer to the hills and headed home.

Saturday started with a driver theory test followed by a stint in the workshop with a lack of parts to complete a few items ground proceedings to a close early for a trip to the world culture festival in DunLaoghaire which was nice.

That’s that in a shell of nuts another week gone in a flash.

John Deere adds two new W Series combines

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

John Deere has added two new combines to its W Series range. The five-walker W550 and six-walker W660 models offer the same basic specification as the existing machines, but with increased horsepower to provide customers with a wider choice of combines utilising the company’s walker tine separation technology.

Both new models feature the same 6.8 or 9 litre John Deere PowerTech Plus six-cylinder turbocharged engine, with a fuel tank capacity of 800 litres. Both are also available with the optional HillMaster II levelling system, which in combination with the standard SlopeMaster system offers full harvesting performance on slopes up to 22 per cent.

The i Series versions are equipped as standard with HarvestSmart automatic feedrate control, AutoTrac assisted steering and Harvest Doc software. These versions offer an additional capacity of 23 per cent compared with their non-i equivalents. John Deere’s new ProDrive automatic transmission is also optionally available on the W660 model. This fully integrates with the HarvestSmart system, to allow the operator to achieve maximum performance from the combine both in the field and on the road, especially on hilly ground or in difficult harvest conditions.

The W Series threshing system brings together the high capacity performance of tine separation and the high levels of straw quality expected from a cylinder, straw walker machine. This is designed to handle a wide range of different crops and field conditions more simply, while achieving the best possible grain and straw quality.

The four stage threshing system begins with the large 660mm diameter cylinder and longer 750mm concave. A rear beater and second concave provides additional threshing, and propels the crop to the long 11-step straw walkers. Towards the end of this stage, further separation is provided by the tined Power Separator, which constantly yet gently combs the straw mat to release trapped grain, much like the tines on John Deere’s rotary C and S Series combines.

Key advantages of this system are that the full crop flow area is used for threshing and separation, so maximising combining performance; it is easy to change from crop to crop; and there is a low specific power requirement, which means lower fuel consumption.

On the 600R Series cutting platforms, the HeaderTrak lateral tilt system can be programmed to automatically maintain preset stubble height and header ground pressure for different crops and conditions. Further standard features include the advanced Quadra-Flo cleaning system, automatic combine adjustment (ACA) from the cab, and numerous service and working lights.

W550i HillMaster combine

New mid-specification combines from John Deere

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

More quality and comfort are offered by the newly styled 1470 and 1570 combines from John Deere, which replace the existing 1450 and 1550 models and can be ordered now for the 2010 season.

A number of specification improvements have been made to provide easier serviceability, as well as increased reliability and durability. The feeder house has been completely redesigned to provide even smoother material flow from the cutting platform, while a new hydraulic system delivers faster response times as well as more powerful platform lift and reel speed.

In addition, changes have been made to the steering, electrical, shoe drive and straw chopper drive systems to improve the operator environment and provide increased functionality. New lights also give better light distribution and visibility for night-time harvesting.

The 204hp five-walker 1470 and the 262hp six-walker 1570 combines feature the conventional threshing cylinder and straw walker design of previous machines, with its proven ability to produce high grain and straw quality in a wide range of crops and conditions. Grain tank capacity is up to 6800 litres on both models.

Both hydrostatic drive models offer a choice of 600R Series cutting platforms from 4.3m to 7.6m. The extra long, heavy duty feeder house positions the platform well out in front of the combine, so the driver can comfortably see both the platform and stubble height without leaning forward.

The optional HeaderTrak system provides automatic control of platform height and lateral tilt when working on slopes or uneven ground, at night or in laid crops. There is also a powerful hydraulic reverser to dislodge blockages, and a single lever multi-coupler for latching the electrics, hydraulics and header enables the platform to be connected quickly and easily in one simple operation.

The cab features excellent all round visibility, a standard spring suspension or optional air suspension seat, a master control lever and cornerpost display monitors, and a standard high capacity air conditioning system. The dual display InfoTrak monitors enable the driver to customise the display to show any two functions at once, for a clearer picture of the combine’s performance.

High volume threshing is provided by the high inertia 610mm diameter cylinder, coupled with a long concave, which is designed to handle all crops without being changed and features electric concave adjustment as standard. Cylinder speed can be optionally reduced to as low as 150rpm to maximise grain separation, and there is a large cleaning area. Grain losses are reduced on sloping land with the standard SlopeMaster cleaning shoe.

A new feature on the optional straw chopper is the auto on/off feature; the chopper is switched on and off by simply moving the straw hood from the windrowing to the chopping position. The optional chaff spreader is also now adjustable from the cab. These features make operation of the new John Deere 1470 and 1570 combines safer and more convenient.

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1570 combine

Landini Powermax, the range gets bigger

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009



The Landini Powermax series, which was launched at last years Ploughing Championships has been enlarged. A third model, Powermax 185 to the range is now available, thus increasing the ways in which the tractors can be employed by an increasingly greater number of end users. The Powermax range thus comprises three models, 145, 165 and 185 with 24-valve turbocharged IVECO engines featuring common-rail high-pressure electronic injection.

Up to now, it has been the Italian manufacture’s Landpower Series, which has proven successful in the contracting sector, particularly among those looking for a straightforward, reliable tractor with plenty of power and traction. Landini’s intention is to offer Powermax buyers a similar engine, stability and performance package found on the Landpower models.

The Autopowershift transmission is one of several key features that distances the Powermax from other six cylinder Landini tractors.  This transmission offers 32-speeds over four ranges with 8-powershifts in each range, which is controlled on the joystick on the drivers multi-function armrest. For transport work the “Auto Roading” facility automatically selects higher or lower powershift speeds within 4th range as dictated by engine rpm and load/or engine throttle position.

Other key features include stylish body styling; cab and front axle suspension and a spacious cab offer excellent visibility. The cab features full-sized, rear-hinged doors that fill both sides of the four-post structure. The elimination of the traditional B-post provides superior visibility to all aspects of the operator’s task in hand. With climate control as standard, air seat with multi function armrest, generous size passenger seat, the Powermax cab offers quality comfort. All of these features are packaged in a sophisticated design that combines elegant lines with sleek modern styling.

JR Perry Ltd

Friday, August 21st, 2009

JR Perry Ltd founded in 1962 by the late John Perry, began its life at a greenfield site on the Kildare Rd Athy Co Kildare. It was mostly farm machinery that was being dealt with at JR Perry they also had been awarded the Claas franchise in 1964.

The Ford tractor franchise came to be awarded to JR Perry in 1972. The Ford Motor Company sold its tractor division to New Holland in 1986. In 1994 the Fiat Group bought this franchise where the machinery got re branded to New Holland where JR Perry thus became a New Holland dealer.

It was 1990 where JR Perry expanded its operations by opening a branch in Kilkenny. JR Perry were then servicing the needs for Ford & New Holland machinery for the Kildare Carlow Kilkenny area. Both branches are still in their original sites, Kildare Rd Athy & Loughboy Industrial Estate Ring Rd Kilkenny.

The team are proud to have JR Perry on board. JR Perry have a good range of quality used machinery which is also on JR Perry offer a full range of services with a fully stocked parts department and a service department that is always on hand to look after your servicing needs. JR Perry also have a the franchise to various brands of farm machinery items check out their own website for the exact makes which are supplied by JR Perry.

JR Perry will be the New Holland representative at the 2009 National Ploughing Championship which is being held in the Athy area. Congratulations to JR Perry to their every success and the best of luck in the future.