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New John Deere utility tractors for 2010

Friday, October 30th, 2009

John Deere’s new 5M, 5G and 5E utility tractors from 55 to 100hp are aimed at livestock and mixed farms, small arable farms, speciality and part-time farmers, and commercial equipment fleet owners.

Complementing the top of the range 5R tractors introduced last year, these 16 new tractor models offer customers the same traditional high levels of quality, specification and value. The new line-up includes:

  • the 5M Series from 70 to 100hp (5070M, 5080M, 5090M and 5100M), a general purpose tractor with ideal specifications, engine power and performance characteristics for pto work and general farm applications;
  • the 5G Series from 80 to 100hp, designed for smaller mixed and arable farmers and those customers who require special configurations such as high ground clearance (5GH), orchard (5GF, ie fruit) or vineyard (5GV) models;
  • the open station 5E Series tractors from 55 to 75hp (5055E, 5065E and 5075E), for part-time farmers and speciality crop farms.

John Deere 5M Series tractors

With their compact dimensions and features, the new 5M Series tractors are ideal for small to medium livestock farms. They are particularly suitable for diet feeding, mowing, baling, fertiliser spreading and transport, and can be equipped with matching John Deere front loaders for a variety of materials handling applications.

The tractors feature 4.5 litre Tier III John Deere PowerTech M diesel engines with rated power from 70 to 100hp (97/68 EC). These engines are equipped with a mechanical fuel injection system, turbocharger, an air-to-air charge air cooler and a slideable air conditioning condenser for easier servicing. Apart from reduced emission levels and good fuel economy, these powerful and reliable mid-specification engines provide a two per cent power bulge and a 28 per cent torque rise to match even the toughest tasks.

Depending on individual requirements, there is a choice of three transmission options:

  • a high specification 32/16 Power Reverser Plus transmission, which features clutchless shifting of two HiLo gears under full load. The reverser lever is mounted on the adjustable steering column and moves with it, so that this always provides the most comfortable driving position;
  • a 16/16 Power Reverser transmission;
  • a basic 16/16 Sync Reverser transmission, with the reverser lever mounted on the dashboard – simply depress the foot clutch and shift direction with the lever.

A wet clutch and a parking lock are standard on all models, while a creeper gear transmission working down to 300m/hr is optionally available.

The open centre hydraulic system features a tandem pump with a total flow of 74 litres/min (50 + 24 litres/min) for quick cycle times and improved efficiency. An even higher capacity 94 litre/min pump (70 + 24 litres/min) is available as an option. Customers also have the choice of either two or three SCVs depending on implement needs and applications.

A maximum lift capacity of 3.6 tonnes allows customers to operate a wide range of implements, and there is a choice of electronic or mechanical three-point hitch controls. As a brand new feature on John Deere tractors, the 5M range will be available with a 540/540E/ground drive pto to power trailer wheels in hilly landscapes and on slopes. A 540/540E pto and a shiftable 540/540E/1000 pto are also available.

Besides excellent visibility and operator comfort, 5M Series tractors feature a bright cab interior, a newly designed dashboard, ergonomic controls and multiple seat and lighting options.

John Deere 5G Series tractors

The new 5G Series tractors will replace the current 5015 Series tractor range and will consist of nine models from 80 to 100hp (97/68 EC). The full line-up includes the 5080G, GF and GV; the 5090G, GH, GF and GV; and the 5100GF and GV. These versatile tractors have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of mixed and livestock farms, vegetable growers and orchard or vineyard owners.

Depending on the target customer, these tractors are available with the following special model designations: 5GH signifies high ground clearance for vegetable growers; 5GF models are for fruit growing farms which often require a machine width of less than 1.5m; and the 5GV tractors for vineyard owners feature a machine width of only a little over 1m as well as a powerful hydraulic system.

All 5G Series tractors are powered by 4.5 litre Tier III PowerTech M diesel engines with mechanical fuel injection, turbocharger and charge air cooler, ie the same engine used on the 5M Series. There is a wide range of transmission options, starting with a cost efficient 12/12 30kph transmission, followed by a 24/24 40kph version with mechanical or electro-hydraulic HiLo gears, and a 24/12 40kph Power Reverser unit.

All John Deere 5G Series tractors are equipped with an open centre hydraulic system and a 47 litre/min tandem pump (optional 60 litres/min) for quick implement reaction. For the 5GF and 5GV models, John Deere will offer an optional third pump to provide up to 80 litres/min to the SCVs and rockshaft.

Lift capacity of the 5G Standard tractors is up to 2.6 tonnes, or 2.4 tonnes on the 5GH, 5GF and 5GV versions. Depending on application, the tractors are either available with three SCVs (5G and 5GH) or four plus four mid-mounted SCVs (5GF and 5GV models). Pto options include 540/540E/ground drive and 540/1000/ground drive versions.

The new cab layout features left and right hand consoles with common controls logically placed for ease of use. The roof lining and air conditioner have been redesigned to provide greater headroom and forward visibility. The cab is now sealed and pressurised for greater comfort and efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Open operator stations with two- or four-post rollover protection are also available.

John Deere 5E Series tractors

The new 5E Series isolated open operator station tractors have been specifically designed for small livestock farmers, small speciality farms and part-time farmers. Three models are available, the 5055E, the 5065E and the 5075E from 55 to 75hp (97/68 EC).

All three models feature an easy to service Tier III intercooled three-cylinder John Deere PowerTech M engine with turbocharger and viscous fan. This engine provides good fuel economy and low emission levels.

The synchronised 9F/3R inline transmission follows an H pattern and can be shifted on the move via side-shift levers within the range. It includes a park brake for safe parking on slopes. Self-adjusting, self-equalising and hydraulically actuated wet disk brakes ensure safe operation even under difficult working conditions.

5E Series tractors are equipped with an open centre hydraulic system with independent hydraulic pumps, one generating 25 litres/min exclusively for the steering system and the other generating 46 litres/min for other hydraulic applications, eg front loader work or rear lift operations with the three-point linkage.

All three models are fitted with a single rear SCV, operated by a dedicated SCV lever as standard. Additional options include a second rear SCV or mid-mounted SCV, each of which need to be operated by a joystick control, and compatibility with a trailer brake valve.

The category 2 mechanical hitch control is equipped with dedicated levers to precisely control the position. With a lift capacity of 1.8 tonnes at the hitch balls, 5E tractors offer excellent lift capacity at a competitive price level in this market segment. A variety of trailer hitch solutions include an automatic or manual slider, and a regular swinging drawbar.

The standard 540rpm pto operates at a rated engine speed of 2400rpm, while the 540E economy version runs at 1700 engine rpm. The tractors can be fitted with a choice of two mechanical self-levelling or non self-levelling loaders, with lift capacities of either 873kg or 989kg to a maximum lift height of 3.38m.

John Deere 5E Series tractors also feature an ergonomically designed straddle-type operator platform which is well isolated from engine noise and transmission vibration, and the comfortable, intuitive controls make these tractors easy to use. The fold-away roll-over frame and an optional two-post sun protection canopy offer additional operator comfort and convenience.

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New Quick Adjust cutting units for cylinder mowers

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Featuring a patented SpeedLink system that is unique in the golf industry, John Deere’s new QuickAdjust (QA) cutting cylinders provide rapid height of cut adjustment from either side of the units.

This new technology allows adjustments to be made in just a few seconds to both sides of the rear roller simultaneously, using only an electric drive 16mm (⅝in) wrench or socket. This effectively allows the reels on an entire fleet to be set in the time it previously took to adjust the height of cut on just one mower.

The 127mm (5in) diameter QA5 cutting unit replaces the previous 22M version, and is available in 46 or 56cm (18 or 22in) cutting widths. The 178mm (7in) diameter QA7 replaces all ESP (extra strength & precision) cutting units, and is available in widths of 56, 66 or 76cm (22, 26 or 30in).

Introduced as a result of the company’s customer feedback programme, these cutting units set a new standard in engineering innovation. The Speed Link system connects both sides of the rear roller with worm gears located on each side of the roller housings. As well as providing much quicker height of cut adjustment than has previously been possible, the worm gears ensure that the adjustment remains in place.

QA5 units feature easier and faster bedknife to reel adjustment using a new notch system, while QA7 units utilise the same system for reel to bedknife adjustment. QA5 cutting units offer an additional innovative and patented feature to extend the use of worn reels. A reel eccentric on the bedknife shoe can reposition the bedknife in relation to the reel and increase the clearance at the rear of the bedknife; this allows users to maintain a lower height of cut as the reel wears down towards the end of its working life.

For equally quick and simple height of cut range adjustments, the front rollers also utilise a notch system, which ensures that the rollers are locked into place regardless of mowing conditions. Now attached to the cutting units with clips for easier removal and greater stability, the grassboxes transfer the weight of clippings to the lift arms of the mowers’ traction units, so that cutting height remains unaffected.

The cutting units can be specified with optional greens or fairway tender tender conditioners (GTCs or FTCs). The conditioner blades rotate in the opposite direction to the reel, to stand the grass up prior to cutting, and because they are gear-driven they can be turned off when not in use. These and other attachments, including brushes, can also be fitted and removed more quickly and easily, in 10 to 15 minutes.

The turf conditioners feature ‘T’ handles on each side of the cutting units, to lower the blades for grooming or raise them to help with dispersal of grass clippings. Conditioners are now available for both the 56 and 66cm (22 and 26in) QA7 units.

This option on the 66cm (26in) size cutting units will offer greater productivity when fitted to the John Deere 2653B tees & surrounds mower. On this machine, the use of recycling conditioners means that grass clippings don’t have to be boxed off when working on tees, saving greenkeepers time and money.

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Autumn golf finance programme

Friday, October 30th, 2009

permanent tsb Finance has announced a new zero per cent finance programme aimed at all golf and bowls clubs in Ireland.

This interest free credit scheme covers John Deere’s full range of fine turf mowers, Aercore aerators, bunker rakes and Pro Gator utility vehicles, plus the HD200 SelectSpray turf sprayer and TD100 top dresser attachments. It also includes demonstration machines and the company’s new golf equipment range, such as the E-Cut hybrid mowers featuring John Deere’s unique Quick Adjust cutting cylinders, as launched at IOG Saltex (see separate release).

Clubs can order the equipment from John Deere dealers at any time from now up to 31 January 2010, and then pay two half-yearly instalments starting in May 2010. Finance is available for up to 60 per cent of the retail list price of the equipment, with availability subject to status and to the usual terms and conditions (visit for details).

“In the current economic climate, golf clubs are being forced to manage their costs more effectively and aggressively,” says Henry Bredin, John Deere Limited’s product marketing manager, turf equipment. “Fixing their machinery and maintenance budgets, or even deferring payments until membership subscriptions and green fees come in, allows them to do just this.

“With this new John Deere 0% offer, clubs can manage their budgets by deferring their first payment until after the annual subs have come in, and deferring the second until the season’s green fees have been received. Alternatively, tailor made repayment schedules can always be arranged to match a club’s cash flow or other business objectives.”

Further information on this new finance programme is available from John Deere’s Irish dealers, or by calling permanent tsb Finance on 1850 211811.

Warning: You will not own these goods until the final payment is made.

permanent tsb Finance Limited is the consumer finance subsidiary of Irish Life & Permanent plc. permanent tsb Finance Limited and Irish Life & Permanent plc (trading as permanent tsb) are regulated by the Financial Regulator.

The offer is based on 60 per cent of retail list price or balance financed, if lower. Applicable to golf and bowls clubs in the ROI and available for business purposes only. The terms offered are available until 31/01/2010 and are current at the date of publication. Availability of finance is subject to status and terms and conditions.

A documentation fee of 75 euros is payable. A completion payment of 50 euros may be payable.

First Valtra Direct Goes to Shropshire Contractor

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Shropshire contractor Bill Preston of Rowton in Shropshire is the first to take delivery of Valtra’s new Direct series featuring Valtra’s new CVT transmission.

Bill, a long term Valtra owner and operator undertakes a considerable amount of work for organic vegetable growers TC & N Taylor – from primary cultivation right through to harvest including weeding, an operation requiring considerable care and accuracy. Bill feels that the Valtra Direct’s ability to provide speeds from a standing start to over 20mph provides the type of control necessary when working in a wide variety of organic crops including potatoes, onions and carrots. The Direct transmission is also highly useful for simpler jobs including hedge trimming where the ability to change speeds to match conditions saves time and effort.

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John Deere reaps 1 Gold & 5 Silver medals at Agritechnica 2009

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

John Deere’s new ActiveCommand Steering concept, which has been designed for future 8R Series tractors, will receive one of five prestigious DLG gold medals at Agritechnica, the world’s leading agricultural equipment trade fair being held in Hannover, Germany, from November 10 to 14.

This will be the third consecutive time since 2005 that a John Deere innovation has received the gold medal award.

ActiveCommand Steering is an entirely new tractor steering concept which follows the fly-by-wire principle, and does not require the traditional design of steering column. Instead, a gyroscope combines with sensors on the smaller steering wheel and a set of electro-hydraulic actuators, so that both the manual force and the number of steering wheel turns required when driving will automatically adjust to the tractor’s actual speed.

The tractor driver benefits from the reduced effort required during field, front loader and transport operations, as well as from a more stable ride at high road speeds (up to 50kph). Ergonomics and safety are also improved.

In addition to the gold medal, five DLG silver medals will be awarded to a number of innovative John Deere solutions for tractors, harvesting equipment and crop care solutions.

One of these is tractor-implement automation, a system which enables two-way ISOBUS data exchange between the tractor and more complex implements. During operation, the system allows the implement to take command of certain pre-assigned tractor parameters to make the driver’s life easier. For example, a round baler (such as the 864 model pictured) can tell the tractor when bale formation is nearly complete, and will then make the tractor slow down to release the bale.

Similarly, a John Deere tractor/Pottinger forage wagon combination is also being awarded a silver medal. A swath scanner mounted at the front of the tractor causes it to slow down or accelerate depending on the density of the swath, which determines the intake rate of the forage wagon’s pick-up.

The extension of iSolutions from self-propelled sprayers to 700i and 800i Series trailed sprayers will also be awarded with a silver medal. This includes the integration of a tank fill calculator, an advanced SprayerPro boom control package and an AutoDilute function to handle the appropriate dilution of residual liquid in the sprayer.

A fourth silver medal will be awarded to the EasyGuide Centre Link, a new system that facilitates hydraulic coupling of the upper link on heavy-duty three-point hitches. Instead of requiring costly triangular support frames, this new linkage system utilises heavy-duty springs that keep the upper link in the correct position. Furthermore, the upper link’s movements can be controlled from the cab with a simple wire cable.

The fifth DLG silver medal for John Deere will be awarded to the company’s newly designed Condition Monitoring System (CMS), which will be optionally available on the new 7950i self-propelled forage harvester. This system continuously monitors the bearing vibrations of key components such as compaction rollers, the drum, the kernel processor and the accelerator fan. Should these component bearings begin to change their vibration frequency due to malfunction, the driver or fleet owner is alerted via a signal in the cab or remotely via JDLink.

New Holland improves productivity with Agritechnica award winners

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

New Holland has once again proven its reputation for technical ingenuity with three awards, one Gold and two Silver, presented to the company by the judges at the next Agritechnica machinery show. The awards, which recognise technical innovation with practical benefits on production, have been bestowed on the FR9000 forage harvester’s automatic trailer tracking system, the CSX7000 combine’s slope-dependent fan speed control and the ABS SuperSteer™  for the T7000 series tractors.

Automatic Trailer Tracking gets Gold

Receiving a Gold medal, Agritechnica’s highest award, the FR9000’s automatic trailer tracking system allows the operator to fill a trailer accurately and with minimal losses, even when visibility is limited. Following a front-to-rear or rear-to-front pattern, the automatic trailer tracking system uses a specialised 3D camera mounted under the spout to guide the crop flow into the trailer. The system ensures a uniform fill whether the trailer is alongside the forage harvester, or following, in the case of starting new fields. The system can accurately control the crop flow trajectory even when operating at night.

The spout-mounted sensor creates a distance image of the trailer and its surroundings, based on NIR (near infra red) technology. Unlike conventional mono or stereo camera systems, which have poor depth perception, the New Holland tracking system can accurately position the crop flow to a distance of 20 metres.

The system can operate in conjunction with any trailer without need to calibrate or adjust to recognise any new trailer. This allows the operator to automatically control the position of the spout and to consistently fill any type of trailer.

The driver benefits from improved operating comfort and safety and is able to concentrate on the front of the machine and increasing work rate. During long working days, and even in the dark, the automatic spout guidance will consistently reduce spoilage of crop, thus increasing the overall quality of work of the forage harvester.

Fan speed control takes Silver

New Holland’s CSX7000 combine offers large combine capacity in a more compact combine frame. Advanced features, such as SmartSieve, enable the CSX7000 to maintain high productivity levels with low grain loss when working across slopes. Sensors monitor the inclination of the combine and adjust the throw of sieves to ensure that crop flows evenly through the combine and does not gather on the down-slope side.

The silver-medal winning fan speed control system takes combine performance on slopes to the next stage, with automatic compensation for continuous uphill or downhill gradients.

When driving downhill, material moves against gravity and therefore more slowly over the grainpan and top sieve, causing it to remain longer in the cleaning shoe and the layer thickness to increase. More ‘material other than grain’ (MOG) remains in the cleaning shoe as the set cleaning fan speed is insufficient to clear the crop. Driving uphill causes the material layer to decrease as it moves more quickly out of the shoe under gravity. The air flow from the fan is too high for the thin layer of material which results in the material travelling too quickly over the top causing increased grain losses.

The fan speed control system senses the combine’s angle of ascent or descent and automatically adjusts the cleaning fan speed to compensate. The operator sets the level-field fan speed and the system reduces the speed when travelling uphill and increases it downhill to optimise the material layer thickness on the cleaning shoe. No extra work is required from the driver and losses are reduced and the grain sample is improved.

Silver medal for  ABS SuperSteer™

Anti-lock braking systems for cars and lorries are now commonplace. But the added complications of heavy mounted articulated equipments, uneven terrain and a huge amount of variation in traction conditions, even from wheel to wheel, means that an effective antilock braking system for tractors requires more advanced development. New Holland has won a silver award for its ABS SuperSteer™ – a smart application of ABS technology to tractors, which not only offers confident stopping power with increased safety, but also increases tractor manoeuvrability and improves safety when operating on steep hills.

ABS SuperSteer™ uses ABS technology to manage each wheel’s brake individually. This new feature will be available on current and future New Holland high power, high speed tractors like the T7000 Auto Command.  ABS SuperSteer™ will enable a new generation of 60kph-capable, front-axle suspension tractors achieve an outstanding level of field agility and comfortable ride control.

New Holland’s pioneering SuperSteer™ axle remains available on New Holland’s range of tractors from 40 to 325hp but is limited to a top speed of 40 kph.

Using a single foot pedal, the ABS SuperSteer™ allows the tractor to be steered by the brakes. Two orange pedal extensions either side of a single pedal replace the conventional, independent two-pedal arrangement. At low speed, this provides the driver with the same single-wheel steering as a conventional tractor, but automatically disables at higher speeds to prevent accidental application

The ABS SuperSteer™ function includes tyre slip control and automatic coupling with the steering angle. This allows the tractor to perform tight turning manoeuvres without driver intervention on brakes by pivoting on a braked rear wheel, reducing the turning circle to that of a tractor fitted with a SuperSteer™ front axle. A driver-selectable amount of slip on the pivoting wheel is allowed to prevent soil damage.

The hill holder function improves tractor control on slopes, automatically engaging the brakes to prevent the machine rolling back during hill starts and easing clutch engagement.

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John Deere shows new machines at Scotsturf

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Machines from John Deere’s all-new golf and sports turf maintenance product range will be featured at IOG Scotsturf in November. All are designed to enable operators to work more efficiently and achieve a higher quality finish on golf courses and other sports turf areas.

One of John Deere’s brand new 5M Series utility tractors for commercial, amenity and horticultural applications also makes its public debut at the event.

The 220e E-Cut walk-behind greens mower, with hybrid electric drive; the 7200 PrecisionCut trim & surrounds mower, with the patented ‘Width on Demand’ cutting system; and the 8000e E-Cut hybrid fairway mower, a three-wheeled, ultra-light fairway machine, are all fitted with the latest Quick Adjust cutting cylinders. These feature a unique Speed Link system for extremely quick height of cut adjustment; this new technology effectively allows the reels on an entire fleet to be set in the time it previously took to adjust the height of cut on just one mower.

Additional new machines on show include the 8400 Commercial triple reel mower for local authorities, contractors and landscapers, which features high capacity 10in Jumbo cutting units, an intelligent all-wheel drive traction system and a unique Cross Cut function for increased productivity; the HD200 SelectSpray amenity turf sprayer, fitted to a John Deere Pro Gator utility vehicle; and the X749 lawn tractor, an all-wheel steer version of the 4WD X748 model, also designed for demanding commercial applications.

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Same Deutz-Fahr at Agritechnica

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
  • Most powerful Agrotron breaks the 300hp barrier
  • Agrotron M-series gains two new models

Agritechnica is set to be a busy time for Same Deutz-Fahr as it launches its most powerful tractor yet – the 305hp Deutz-Fahr Agrotron X730 – along with two new Agrotron M series models

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron X730

Now topping out the Deutz-Fahr X-series tractor range is the new X730 which is powered by a Deutz turbocharged engine rated at 305hp. With four valves per cylinder, the engine employs the Deutz common rail high-pressure fuel injection system and externally cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

An amazingly high torque engine – maximum torque is 1206 Nm at an engine speed of just 1600 rpm – gear shifting within the 50kph, 40 x 40 transmission with its automatic powershift (APS) can be kept to the minimum and, as a result improved fuel economy is achieved.

Key features of the new tractor include a new and stronger rear axle design and a front axle with external disc brakes. These discs have a diameter of 590mm and have an active re-set which, when the brakes are not in use, pulls the pads away from the discs to prevent noise and wear caused by dirt.

In the cab, the X730 is equipped with the new comprehensive operator information panel as used in the Agrotron TTV 630 and can, if specified, also be fitted with the new iMonitor. Options also extend to pneumatic or semi-active cab suspension.


A load sensing hydraulic system with an output of 177 litres/minute is standard and provides a maximum rear linkage lift of 10,500kgs and 4500kgs for the front linkage. The rear pto provides 540E and 1000 rpm and the front, 1000rpm.

A truly powerful tractor, the 305hp Deutz-Fahr Agrotron X730 will be a popular choice for arable farmers looking for a reliable, fuel efficient tractor capable of producing high outputs.

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron M410 and M420

Deutz-Fahr’s Agrotron M-series just got bigger with the addition of two four-cylinder models – the M410 and the M420 which are rated at 143hp and 158hp respectively.

The first four-cylinder tractors to join the M-series, these new models employ Deutz common rail engines which have four valves per cylinder and use an external exhaust gas recirculation system. In the transmission department, a four stage powershift transmission offers a choice of 24 x 24 or 40 x 40 gears.

Designed for use with farmers and contractors needing a powerful yet economical tractor capable of performing a wide range of tasks in both the arable and livestock sectors, the new tractors, due to their shorter length (4.05m), are very manoeuvrable.

For the operator, cab furniture includes the new comfort armrest and standard Power S-control system and an ergonomic control layout that provides four pto speeds.

The Deutz-Fahr Agrotron M410 and M420 tractors will meet the increasing demand for compact yet powerful tractors in the 130hp to 160hp power range.

Agritechnica will also see Same Deutz-Fahr introducing a whole range of updates to its existing tractor and telehandler models including those marketed in the Same and Lamborghini brands.

Taking pride of place though, alongside the new X730 and M-series models will be the 60 Series combines harvesters – a completely new range of machines that offer new styling, improved technical specification and, as a result, higher outputs.

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305hp Deutz Fahr

New MF 2140 baler joins legendary large square baler range

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

The new MF 2140, which produces 800mm wide x 700mm high bales joins the Massey Ferguson MF 2100 large square baler range. This new bale size and shape is designed to help hauliers make optimum use of lorry capacity for transport on European roads.

Although the new MF 2140 model makes the smallest bale size in the MF 2100 Series, it inherits many of the outstanding design features from the range and produces heavy, dense bales in straw, silage, hay and haylage.

“These Massey Ferguson balers are designed and built in our Hesston factory in the USA, which pioneered the big square bale concept,” says Mark Grigson, Product Marketing Manager. “In common with other MF 2100 Series balers the MF 2140 produces the heaviest, highest density bales/hr in its sector. This increases productivity and means fewer heavier bales need to be cleared from the field. Fewer bales also reduce handling time and transport costs because the new bale shape makes more effective use of lorry space.”

MF 2140 features:

  • 800mm x 700mm bale size
  • Suitable for silage, straw, hay and haylage
  • On-board independent hydraulics
  • New four-auger pick-up
  • Faster plunger strokes/min and longer stroke increase output and density
  • Heavy flywheel maintains momentum, reduces power and boosts density
  • Legendary double knotter design
  • Transverse impeller knotter fan
  • ISO compliant control terminal
  • Cutter option for denser, easier to use bales
  • Tandem axle with self-steering option

Independent baler hydraulics for consistent performance

The new MF 2140, like all MF 2100 Series balers, is equipped with an independent hydraulic pump and circuit to ensure consistent operation, regardless of other loads of the tractor’s hydraulics. This controls bale chamber density via two, double-acting rams that provide positive control of bale density and allow all three tension doors to be opened to release the tension on the bale. The hydraulics also run the knotter fan.

Even feed from new four-auger pick-up

High capacity baling starts with an even, uninterrupted feed. Just like its larger counterparts, the new MF 2140 is equipped with a 2.26m effective working width pick-up.

Unlike other large square balers, which run their pick-ups on wheels, the MF 2140 uses a unique Torsion Bar flotation system. This fully floating design is the first ever to be used on a baler and suspends the pick-up off the ground in work. This significantly reduces the risk of wear and damage, which cuts down-time and lowers maintenance costs.

A solid wind guard smoothes the crop into a consistent mat across the full width of the pick-up, which significantly improves feeding and lifts performance. From here two centring augers on each side positively gather and feed the material efficiently into the pre-pack chamber.

Denser chopped bales from Cutter option

The Cutter option on the MF 2140 makes denser, chopped bales that are more easily handled by complete diet feeder wagons with the shorter chopped material also improving food conversion ratio in livestock.

A single full-width auger feeds the material into a spiral rotor, which pulls the material between the serrated blades to cut the crop. The blades are engaged hydraulically from the cab and are protected by individual springs that allow them to fold out of the way of any foreign objects.

Setting the chop length is carried out using the easiest system on the market, which simply involves altering the position of a selector rod to select chop lengths of 192mm, 96mm and 48mm or no chopping.

Pre-compression boosts density

Key to all Massey Ferguson MF 2100 Series balers’ unrivalled density is its superb pre-pack chamber, which creates even density flakes, regardless to swath size or forward speed.

This leading design has always guaranteed even filling right to the top of the chamber. The system ensures each flake is formed with the same amount of crop and degree of consolidation across the whole area – top to bottom and to both sides. This results in the new MF 2140 producing Massey Ferguson’s legendary consistent, solid bale shape.

Exceptional knotter performance

Massey Ferguson balers are renowned for rock solid knotter reliability and the MF 2140 employs the original pioneering Hesston-designed, double knotters, to provide unstinting operation that is key to maintaining unrivalled performance.

Using two strings, fed from the top and bottom of the bale, and tying two knots allows higher density bales to be made without stress on the knotter or risk of knots breaking. This is because the string is free to feed out as the bale size increases. It is held in the knotter only during the tying cycle.

The four knotters are kept clean and clear of debris by a standard, transverse impeller knotter blower, which is hydraulically driven from the baler’s own on-board system. The fan works across the entire width, which improves fan efficiency. The knotters are lubricated by an electronically-controlled, auto-lube system.

The MF 2140, like others in the range, can carry 30 balls of twine. These are stored in ingeniously designed racks that hold the balls at a shallow angle on their sides – as opposed to upright. This makes it possible to load and connect the twine from the ground and the compact design ensures unrivalled access to key components around the baler.

High capacity and bale density

The plunger on the MF 2140 operates at 42 strokes/min, which provides the high capacity operators expect from the Massey Ferguson design. A heavy flywheel and longer stroke help to maintain momentum, with the long crank arms providing greater torque and a longer compression stroke, which boosts bale density. The driveline is protected by a five-disc slip clutch and large shear bolt.

All under ISObus terminal control

The MF 2140’s entire baling sequence is controlled and monitored from an ISOBus compatible terminal. The instrument, as fitted to Massey Ferguson’s leading tractors, provides complete control and operation via a large colour screen with buttons and a rotary dial. The system can also be used to control other ISO compliant implements, or through a similar compatible tractor terminal, which helps cut costs.

Strongest chassis meets the highest demands

The MF 2140 baler is built on a common chassis design, which is used on all models in MF 2100 Series, which means users of even the smallest baler benefit from the highest specifications.

The straightforward and strong frame is designed to support the high loads imposed by the exceptional baling capacity. Extensive use of heavy-duty, sealed for life bearings reduces maintenance and eliminates the need for an Auto-Lube system.

The standard single axle on the MF 2140 is equipped with 700/50 x 22.5 tyres and comes with hydraulic braking as well as the option of air-brakes. For optimum flotation and improved ground clearance all machines can be equipped with a self-steering, suspended tandem axle as an option. This runs on 500/45-22.5 tyres.

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AGCO Awarded Major Business Contract in China

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

DULUTH, GA – September 28, 2009 — AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO), Your Agriculture Company, a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of agricultural equipment, today announced that it has been awarded a contract in a competitive bid for tractors by the Heilongjiang provincial government in China. This program is aimed at expanding agricultural technology and productivity in the local Chinese market.

Under the terms of the agreement, AGCO will deliver over 300 units of Valtra tractors to the province by the year end.  These units will help meet the needs of the Heilongjiang province for advanced agricultural technologies.  AGCO’s Valtra T191h tractors are high calibre machines that have received wide recognition in the China market thus far.  The new units to be delivered to the province will further contribute to the sustainable growth of the local agricultural sector.

With the delivery of the machines, AGCO will conduct large scale technical training for over one thousand local end users.  The planned training will allow the local end users to better understand modern agricultural equipment as well as operational and maintenance knowledge.

“AGCO is committed to growing our representation within China and the Heilongjiang province is one of our key focal areas,” said Hubertus Muehlhaeuser, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Integration and General Manager, Eastern Europe & Asia.

Eric Raby, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Eastern Europe and Asia,  explained, “AGCO has been successful in this province with the Valtra brand of tractors and this addition to the current fleet of machines reinforces the progress AGCO is making in obtaining acceptance from farmers of the region,”.

AGCO has been a market leader in China for imported tractors. Over the past decade it has assembled a strong local post-sales service team and spare parts stocks serving the needs of local end users in various regions.