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Landini, History with an eye to the future

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The illustrious Landini Company – the oldest established tractor manufacturer in Italy – was founded by Giovanni Landini, a blacksmith who set up his own business in Fabbrico, Italy’s Po Valley in 1884.

The aim of Landini was to lay the foundations of a dream: to design and manufacture machinery capable of towing agricultural equipment, in particular the plough.
Giovanni Landini gradually progressed from simple blacksmithing to fabricating machinery for local farms. He produced winemaking machinery, then steam engines, internal combustion engines and crushing equipment. In 1911 Landini built a portable steam engine and from here he progressed to semi-diesel-engined machines.
The way forward to a modern and mechanized agricultural industry in Italy was clear and
Landini started work on his own design of tractor along with the help of his three sons. In 1925
Giovanni Landini’s sons took over the business and saw the completion of the tractor project; the
first authentic Italian tractor, a 30hp machine.

In the early 1930s the Landini brothers designed a more powerful tractor, which they named the Super Landini. In 1934 it was the most powerful tractor on the Italian market, producing 50hp at 650 rpm. The 1950s saw the replacement of the “Testa Calda” (Hot Bulb) engine used until then, with the English manufactured multi-cylinder Perkins diesel power units. It marked Landini’s first step towards becoming an international concern. As the trend towards full diesel engines continued, Landini entered an agreement with the British company Perkins in 1957 to produce its diesels in Italy under licence.
For 125 years the Landini name has been a benchmark in the world of agricultural mechanization.
Today Landini, which is controlled by the Italian company, Argo S.p.A., represents worldwide the capability to meet the real requirements of an increasingly modern and demanding farming industry.
Since 1884 the Landini brand has been constantly expanding. Perkins diesel engines continue to be fitted in Landini tractors as well as the latest generation of Iveco engines, which today are commonly found in Landini six-cylinder models. Landini is proud to offer a complete range of excellent tractors including the Powermaster, Powermax, Landpower, Powermondial, Vision, Powerfarm, Alpine, Technofarm, Rex and Mistral compact tractors and the PowerLift tele-tractor series.

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My one day trip to Basildon and the New Holland factory UK

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Tuesday past I had the pleasure of being invited to the New Holland factory in Basildon Essex for a pre Lamma press day, to which I arrived late but thankfully not too late so as I arrived things got under way.


Andrew Watson the Business Director began with the previous years New Holland activities where they see the brand going this year and basically what it is New Holland focus on. Andrew focused on the point that its the relationships that have been built up in the small community of the New Holland world between manufacturer, dealer and the customer. The dealer themselves show the level of commitment which cannot be ignored and the loyal following that the customer base give to the New Holland brand. The majority of dealers have been long standing dealers for the brand. This commitment by the dealer can be seen from the investment made in new premises, Enniscorty Motor Company are one of these investing dealers who have been with the brand for the past 62 years. New Holland recognise this fact and they pride themselves on the fact of their service backup, parts delivery service and the overall product support given to the dealers. The customer ultimately wins from this type of commitment from the dealer and  manufacturer alike, resulting in highly competent staff catering to a customers needs.

Moving on to Alan Hawes who introduced us to the T5070, an Italian built machine aimed at the Dairy stock farmer and the amenity county council range of machine. The T5070 is the range topping model in the T5000 range a 4cyl turbo Iveco engine producing a 113hp (83kw) @ 2300rpm, its a compact machine with a high power to weight ratio. This piece of kit with its higher torque at lower revs means more economical running also its got a 600hr service interval and its best in its class for power to weight of 37.6kg/hp. With all this power the transmission has been uprated with heavy duty drive damper, bearings, gears & pinion to cope with this increase of power. A new gearbox is offered with the T5000 range, a 20×20 powershuttle with super creep, its capable of speeds of 0.296m/h to 40kph on 16.9 R34 tyres. See the full press release below.

a (478 x 720)

It was the turn of Richard Hollins and the new T6090 the range topping model to the T6000 line up. Its got a whopping max boosting 200hp which equates to 28kg/hp an exceptional power to weight ratio. With large R42 tyres its a good all rounder machine capable of carrying out spraying, drilling, bailing and haulage tasks. The complete T6000 range have all been given a power upgrade in some cases up to 38hp. This power upgrade is due to a change to the cooling pack and the engine management thus the only changes to the overall tractor is a higher bonnet, more power with no extra weight. The trademarked Sidewinder 2 armrest is offered on the T6000 as an option, which is an intelligent management system. See previous press release for the full run down.



I didn’t know what to expect of the day it was an early start from Dublin airport to get to Basildon, late and all it might have been, the run down of the presentation was for the upcoming LAMMA show and what products were being showcased. We were all brought into the bowls of the factory where I got the chance to see the NH2 the Hydrogen tractor, that has to be kept inside out of the elements due to its fuel cell. This machine is really a piece of art and as I keep saying THE FUTURE.





That more or less wrapped up the day besides a spot of lunch followed by my departure back to Heathrow and home to Dublin airport. One of the guys from the marketing department, Michael gave me a lift back to the train station in Basildon, I had a good chat with Michael, he has been working there in the premises on Cranes Farm Rd for 25 years. He started working on the factory floor at the age of 18 went on to working in the parts section and then onto the marketing department. Chatting with Michael on the way back into town you cant but not get this sense of the love for the brand, this was easily spotted during the presentation of the products made by the various individuals Alan, Richard, Dan and Andrew, but that’s what they do, that’s why they are there, it was just compounded by Michael, you get a real sense that its a great place to work. The various ideas  from the whole presentation were bouncing around my head and admittedly I was on a little bit of a high from initially been invited over to the factory and to seeing the hydrogen tractor, but the idea of how New Holland is a people company that has invested in people and relationships its this fact they are where they are today.

Many thanks to the New Holland marketing company, Remarkable, and to all the staff in New Holland for making this trip an experience.

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New Holland spills the beans on its best kept secret in Precision Land Management technology

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

New Holland is taking the technological initiative with its revolutionary new approach to Precision Land Management. Not only is it fitting its IntelliSteer Integrated Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) guidance to many more of its machines as factory fit, but CNH (working with its world-renowned, global partner Trimble) is now the only tractor manufacturer able to supply after-market integrated DGPS kits to competitor brands of tractor.


The accompanying software for these systems now means that fleets of machines – combines and tractors – can effectively ‘talk’ to one another and share detailed information using a powerful blend of New Holland’s own software, the latest global mapping technology and the highly portable memory stick.

New Holland’s own IntelliSteer system can currently be fitted to the T6000 Range Command/Power Command Sidewinder II tractors, all the T7000, T8000 and T9000 tractors as well as CX and CR combines. Later this year, it will also be available for other selected models within the T6000 range.

Not only will more of the New Holland range now have factory-fitted DGPS guidance options, but by using its Global Partnership with Trimble, New Holland is making it possible to supply Trimble’s Auto-Pilot fully Integrated Guidance systems to competitive machines including combines. This provides many advantages over the more common “bolt on” assisted guidance systems available.

The Trimble system, in conjunction with the FM-1000 TouchScreen Monitor, can use a second receiver placed on the trailed implement providing automatic ‘trim’ thus decreasing overlap and misses – maximising efficiency and profitability. This is particularly useful when the tractor is working on side slopes and trailing machinery.

New Holland’s Dan Halliday says layers of technology are being combined to create a farming revolution:

“The equipment now available is truly awesome. The fact that we now have this amazing technology at New Holland that’s not only powerful, but compatible to many competitive machines, is probably one of our best kept secrets. It effectively means that a Precision Farmer can sit in his office and, using our Precision Farming Software, load information on yield, moisture, fuel usage and so on and then overlay this data onto Google Maps to show the surrounding area. He can create swath lines, save, change and export them on the software and can then transfer them to other machines using a memory stick.

Dan continues: “The software can calculate the most efficient way to harvest a field while boundaries and headland guidance lines can also be created and manipulated. Multiple machines can be supplied with the same information – so, for the first time, the information and the technology is being truly linked up – excellent technology all aimed at increasing our customer’s efficiency and therefore profitability.”

For more information on New Holland’s Precision Land Management Technology, visit . Customers can register to find out further information on all aspects of this technology from New Holland.

New Holland T6000s offer extra power and comfort for the new decade

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

2010 brings a potent blend of power and comfort from the New Holland stable in their new and improved T6000 Range and Power Command tractors. The whole range has received higher power boost levels and now boasts the most impressive levels of ‘extra’ power on the market.

T6090 Scotland

The new T6090 model takes the power range of the T6000s to 200hp, with an exceptional power to weight ratio (28kg per horsepower). With its 42” tyres, it delivers high ground clearance and reduced compaction, making it the perfect tractor for spraying, haulage, drilling and baling.

The Engine Power Management system in these machines can increase engine power for PTO, Hydraulic and Transport applications, yet despite the added engine power, there is no extra weight.

As the technology improves to speed the machine up, it is also being developed to slow it down again more efficiently:  Selected models can now be fitted with an Exhaust Brake, which means the operator can avoid ‘riding’ the brakes. This is particularly useful for controlled hill descents when trailing a heavy implement. Depressing the extra foot pedal, to the left of the clutch, closes a valve in the exhaust manifold. The resulting back pressure in the combustion chamber retards the engine, steadying the tractor speed.

But it’s not just the power that’s making the headlines: Using the technology that won New Holland ‘Best in Class’ for comfort at the Tractor of the Year Awards, all the T6000 Range and Power Command models can now include  the Sidewinder™ II armrest.

The electronically adjustable SideWinder™ II incorporates the CommandGrip™ multifunction handle, an integrated control panel and the IntelliView™ III Touch-screen interface which provides the quickest way to adjust tractor settings such as remote valve flow rates or engine speed memories. An optional joystick can be used to control either a front linkage or a New Holland TL loader.

New Holland’s T7000 range boasts the quietest cab in the industry. The new T6000 models are close behind, with a cab rating of just 70 dB(A) . The cab comfort has been enhanced with an upgraded suspension design, reducing cab roll when crossing slopes.

For the T6000 LS tractors, the new decade means more choice. The LS concept was to offer high performance features, normally only found on high end arable tractors, to the diary and livestock farmer. Large hydraulic pumps, auto four wheel drive and enhanced comfort levels benefit a loader tractor just as much as an arable tractor. So for 2010 this popular range has been expanded to include more models and now includes six cylinder machines. Along with the new models, there are also more options too, including Dual Command, Cab Suspension on Dual Command and a front axle suspension option.

For more information on the T6000 Range and Power Command tractors and the T6000 LS range, visit the New Holland website at

New Holland upgrades its T5000 range by launching a high horsepower tractor T5070

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

New model:

  • T5070 is a new tractor  in the T5000 series
  • NEF engine with new power rating 113cv (83kW) @ 2300rpm
  • Class-leading 37.6kg/hp power-to-weight ratio, ideal to reduce soil
  • Improved braking capacity
  • Upgraded transmission and PTO to cope with extra power

New features on all the T5000 range:

  • New 20/20 Creeper transmission available with Powershuttle and compatible with MDC and EDC
  • Blue-tooth technology option available on the deluxe in-cab radio

A new tractor, T5070, is being launched into the New Holland T5000 series that will take the all purpose tractor to an all new level with its class-leading low 37.6kg/hp power-to-weight ratio that is ideal to perform mixed farming applications in a more productive way and reduce soil compaction. This new entrant also boasts a NEF engine from Fiat Powertrain Technologies that combines proven design and the most modern engine technology.

The range of work that the T5000 series can undertake varies from light top work duties, including mowing, top dressing spraying and haulage trailers to heavier work such as ploughing. The new T5070 has been designed to take a load of up to 7400kg replacing the previous top gross vehicle weight on the T5060 of 6800kg.


High horsepower on a light tractor

The NEF Tier III, turbocharged, with advanced intercooling 4.5 litre engine has a improved power rating of 113cv/83kW with an increased maximum torque of 445 Nm @ 1330 rpm, 600 hr oil changes and proven best fuel consumption that ensures the T5070 is the most up-to-date engine offered in this class of tractor. As on other New Holland tractors, it will run on 100% biodiesel without modification.

Upgraded transmission

The transmission has been significantly upgraded to cope with the extra horsepower on the PTO, whilst retaining reliability. Transmission drive damper, gears, bearings, and pinions have been upgraded, the PTO clutch reinforced and also the braking capacity has been improved. There are five main transmissions available, with a transmission upgrade option on all T5000 series tractors. Shuttle CommandTM 12×12 is the most ideal choice for general applications, whilst Power Shuttle 12×12 allows for fast direction changes without using the clutch. Shuttle CommandTM 20×12 is also available for specific applications and the transmission offer is complete with the 24×24 Dual Command with Power Clutch allowing up to 8 clutch pedal less gear changes. A new feature allows the driver to select a Soft /Medium/Fast shift quality of the Power Shuttle and Hi-Lo functions.  However, new for the T5000 range, including the new T5070, most significantly is the 20×20 Powershuttle with Super Creeper offering forward speeds as low as 0.249 to 40kph, which is very useful when working in row crops and vegetable applications. This new transmission is also available with electronic draft control (EDC) giving high productivity and versatility when full precision is required.

Blue tooth option offered

The new radio system offered on New Holland agricultural vehicles has been specially designed to give a high performance in what can be harsh environments in which the operator works. A blue tooth radio that allows compatible mobile phones to be used hands-free, offered on the T6000 and T7000 ranges, is now also available on the T5000 range.

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AGCO Confirms Plans to Develop Joint Venture Combine Manufacturing European Harvesting “Centre of Excellence” Facility in Breganze, Italy

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Neuhausen, Switzerland -  12th January 2010 – AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, has confirmed plans to close its Randers plant in Denmark and increase Western European combine harvester production at its Joint Venture harvesting manufacturing facility in Breganze, Italy.

The move is part of AGCO’s long-term strategy to accelerate the development of its harvesting equipment operations and reinforce the extension of its combine ranges in Europe.

The facility in Italy has been manufacturing combines for AGCO’s Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Challenger brands for distribution in Europe, Africa and the Middle East since 2004. In June 2007, this partnership was further strengthened when AGCO acquired a 50% stake in Breganze based Laverda S.p.A from the Italian Argo Group.

“The manufacturing assembly and supply from a single facility will bring even stronger focus and continuity to our combine operations and afford more effective utilisation of capacity, greater efficiencies and increased competitiveness,” says Gary Collar, Senior Vice President, General Manager AGCO EAME  / ANZ.

The Randers plant will continue assembly operations of AGCO’s high capacity 8-walker range of combines and the new concept hybrid combine until mid-2010. Production of these machines will commence from Breganze after this time.

Employing 450 people, the Breganze plant has produced combine harvesters for over 50 years. The current site was opened in 1979. Certified to ISO quality standards, the 22 ha site is one of the most modern and efficient farm machinery production complexes in Europe. Since its collaboration with AGCO, combine production has almost doubled and, with the addition of the latest machines, is set for further significant increases.

Recent major investments have seen a complete reorganisation of the supply chain and production process including the installation of robot welding and automatic laser cutting equipment.

“Manufacturing, engineering, supplier management and quality control staff from Breganze and Randers will work closely together in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of supply and product availability,” explains Gary Collar.

On completion of the transition, Breganze will produce a full range of combines including 5, 6, and 8-walker machines, as well as the brand new Hybrid combine, previewed at Agritechnica in November 2009 where it was awarded the coveted Machine of the Year award. Initial production of the hybrid combine for the 2010 demonstration programme will take place in Randers and full serial production will follow in Breganze for the 2011 season.

“Our partnership with Breganze is a highly successful one and this new phase of the relationship will drive forward the scope of AGCO’s strategy to provide farmers with world-leading harvesting machinery and technology,” says Gary Collar.

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Dark Diamond – Limited edition V8 tractor unit from Scania

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

For lovers of the Scania V8, irrespective of power rating, Scania is producing a series of very special V8-powered tractor units. The unique styling and added features have been developed in close collaboration with Svempas, the world-renowned Swedish truck customiser. The production run is limited to 100 units and sales are aimed at all typical Scania V8 markets worldwide.


Dark Diamond is a true eye-catcher with special detailing all over the vehicle, including the interior.

“Our V8 customers often customise their trucks out of sheer enthusiasm and joy,” says Joel Granath, director of the long-haulage segment at Scania. “Dark Diamond will appeal to these as well as other customers in search of a prestigious vehicle that builds image. What they get is an exceptional truck with long-lasting performance and durability.

“With the Dark Diamond we are starting a tradition of factory-supported limited edition vehicles,” concludes Mr Granath.

The Dark Diamond is based on the new Scania R-series and is available with Highline or Topline cabs, fitted with a powerful V8 engine, specified for either Euro 4 or Euro 5.

The paintwork – in metallic Carbon Blue – is complemented with detailing in chrome and high-gloss Piano Black finish, as well as unique graphic accents.


The interior is meticulously detailed with fine materials, additional creature comfort features and thoughtful touches. Numerous Scania V8 and Griffin symbols will please the enthusiasts.

Each of the vehicles in this limited series of 100 units is individually numbered and signed by Sven-Erik “Svempa” Bergendahl himself.

Dark Diamond – special features,

• Special metallic finish on cab, roof and side air deflectors (Carbon Blue)
• High-gloss Piano Black around window frames
• Front grille and front air deflectors in Brilliant Silver
• Dark Diamond graphics
• Side and front mirrors, windshield panels and door hinge panels in high-gloss Piano Black
• Front roof light bracket, upper part of sun visor painted in high-gloss Piano Black
• Xenon lights in sun visor. Xenon light cover painted in high-gloss Piano Black
• LED lamp with safety brake light in upper rear part of side air deflectors
• Rearview camera (part of multimedia kit)
• Catwalk in frame centre section in aluminium finish
• Chromed front badges
• Silver emblem in front of door handles


• Exhaust end piece in stainless steel
• High-gloss Piano Black aluminium trim panels on rear of cab
• Polished boarding steps/trim panels on sideskirts and cab
• Chromium-finish front and rear wheel rims
• Special black-on-black V8 leather/Alcantara or leather/carbon fibre seats
• Black-on-black leather door panels with armrests
• Steering wheel in high-gloss Piano Black
• Custom Dark Diamond rear wall panel, signed and numbered
• LED safety door light and reflective red trim
• Black leather centre floor carpet with Carbon Blue panel and V8 logo
• Black bouclé driver and passenger carpets with black borders
• Multimedia DVD kit with 22” LCD screen, powerful sound system and rear-view camera


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John Deere sprayer developments for 2010 Farm Machinery

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

John Deere’s technology leadership in the sprayer business has once again been recognised, with the award of a DLG silver medal at the Agritechnica 2009 show in Hannover, Germany.

It was given to the extension of iSolutions from the 5430i self-propelled sprayer to 700i and 800i Series trailed sprayers. This includes the integration of a new tank fill calculator, which will be tested in the UK this summer, as well as the advanced SprayerPro automatic boom section control system, and the unique AutoDilute rinsing system for handling the appropriate dilution of residual liquid in the sprayer.

The award judges praised John Deere’s iSolutions for reducing the potential for operator error and environmental pollution, as well as providing faster and more precise tank filling, rinsing and spraying.


Other new developments on John Deere sprayers for 2010 include the availability of BoomTrac automatic boom height and tilt control on 700i Series trailed sprayers for the first time. First introduced on the 800 Series range in 2005, BoomTrac is designed to increase spray accuracy, operator comfort and productivity.

In addition, a new 36/24/18m boom will be available to add extra versatility to the 5430i self-propelled sprayer. This boom is designed for contractors or farmers who need to adjust spraying width to different row spacings or tramline widths.


Also available for the 5430i in 2010 is a new optional ‘hill climber’ drivetrain, which comprises larger rear wheel motors and lower geared rear final drives. This option enables the sprayer to scale slopes up to a market leading 29 degrees.

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