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REX 110 F Landini’s Rex, the king of specialized tractors

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

2011 Tractor of the year: The Best of Specialized award goes to REX 110 F Landini’s Rex, the king of specialized tractors, was crowned in Bologna during the Eima International trade fair, at the 2011 edition of the “Tractor of the Year” contest. The machine to be awarded the prestigious title of “Best of Specialized” was the new Rex 110 F tractor.
Completely designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, in the Argo Tractors plant situated in the province of Reggio Emilia, this tractor was assessed by a selected European jury of specialized press reporters and was judged to be the machine most able to meet the needs of the specialized farming sector. An evaluation based on decisive parameters concerning the engine, transmission, electronic equipment, hydraulic circuit, the degree of comfort provided by the cab, the pioneering technical features, design, power/price ratio and the number of optionals available.

Rex 110 F is the top of the renowned range of Rex tractors, recently upgraded and improved as to design in a restyling process that especially involved the roof and bonnet, but also the technical aspects as the machine now features a much more advanced hydraulic circuit, optimized PTO engagement, more accurate power lift regulation and a tighter turning radius. Rear and front PTOs are also available. The improvements made to the cab interior have added to the degree of comfort and are a decisive feature of the range as the controls have been set in new positions and the cockpit has become much more spacious and comfortable. The Rex range will be of great interest to the specialized farming sector thanks to its ability to provide an excellent performance between the rows of even smallsized orchards. The “Best of Specialized” award is thus an important recognition that testifies to the on-going commitment that Argo Tractors has dedicated to this range. A series which, besides belonging to a highly specialized segment of Landini’s product 2 range, has always been a reference point for fruit-growers and vine growers worldwide.
“We are extremely satisfied at having obtained the “Tractor of the Year 2011 – Best of Specialized” award, commented Ruggero Cavatorta, the Marketing and Communications Manager of Argo Tractors. “Rex 110 F is the best seller of our specialized tractor range and we’re really pleased that its qualities have been appreciated. Landini puts great stock in the technological features of this range and is now proud to offer a decidedly advanced product, besides one that is 100% Italian-made.”




Case IH win Gold and Silver medals at SIMA Innovation Awards

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Case IH win Gold and Silver medals at SIMA Innovation Awards

Case IH has won two SIMA Innovation Awards ahead of the show’s opening in February 2011. A Gold medal has been received for a new automatic vehicle-to-vehicle synchronisation solution, which expands Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) portfolio. A Silver medal has been awarded for a new CVT PTO concept, which increases tractor productivity and efficiency.

Gold Medal: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Control (V2V)

Case IH introduce V2V synchronisation technology for two vehicles at work. To boost efficiency of harvesting operations using a ‘master and slave’ approach, the combine becomes the central ‘master’ and takes control of the tractors/grain carts.

Central to the system is a wireless connection, which is used to manage data exchange between vehicles. The combine takes control and dictates forward speed, vehicle alignment and direction of travel to the tractor when it enters the ‘active zone’. The driver of the combine is then able to monitor the unloading and status of the grain cart.

The main advantage of this system is consistent and repeatable unloading on-the-go during harvesting as the individual tractors/grain carts arrive at the combine. Even with unskilled operators it is possible to perfectly fill trailers and avoid spilling the valuable crop over the edge of the cart/trailer. The system eliminates the risk of tractor and combine collisions due to precise vehicle alignment and reduces operator stress and errors.

“The V2V system lets you synchronise unloading operations in real-time, increasing efficiency a stage further. And that is just the beginning of this very promising development,” says Sylvain Blaise, Director of Marketing at Case IH. The new Case IH Vehicle to Vehicle technology makes its world debut at SIMA.

Silver medal: Continuously variable PTO drive for tractors

Case IH has developed the world’s first continuously variable PTO transmission for tractors. This innovative system enables infinitely-variable adjustment of PTO speed independently of engine speed, overtaking previously standard fixed PTO speeds.

In the field, this means that the PTO speed, and therefore the drive to mounted and trailed equipment, can be adjusted continuously to match the current operating conditions. The system enables PTO speed to be controlled at low engine speed. This leads to significant fuel savings. The new system is designed to ensure that equipment is driven reliably in all operating conditions, such as starting up under load or during an emergency stop. Thanks to the continuously variable PTO transmission, all of the tractor’s systems can work more closely together.

Continuously variable PTO drive technology is a part of the EfficientPower system, which harnesses the benefits of various technologies – especially in the tractor’s power train and control system – to improve productivity and comfort, significantly increasing cost effectiveness as a result. Last autumn, Case IH introduced the latest generation of engines with an innovative exhaust cleaning system and easy-to-use control system.

CVT PTO schematic

V2V guidance 01

V2V guidance 02

Peugeot Do the Double at Irish Car of the Year Awards

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Peugeot Do the Double at Irish Car of the Year Awards

Peugeot ran away with two gongs at the Continental Irish Car of the Year 2011 awards ceremony, held yesterday at the Convention Centre, Dublin. With leading figures from the Irish Motor Industry in attendance, the Peugeot 5008 was voted Continental Irish Family Car of the Year 2011 and the Peugeot RCZ won Continental Irish Performance Car of the Year 2011. Last year, the Peugeot 3008 was announced overall Continental Irish Carof the Year 2010 winner.

Both the Peugeot 5008 and Peugeot RCZ were cast as winners by the 27-member Irish Motoring Writers’ Association. The Irish Motoring Writers’ Association judges awarded points on the basis of criteria ranging from innovation and safety to space, comfort, build quality,driving quality and value for money.

Receiving both awards on stage, George Harbourne, Managing Director of Peugeot in Ireland commented: “My thanks to the Irish Motoring Writers’ Association who have selected two exciting and deserved models as winners for Best Family Car 2011 and Best Performance Car 2011. The two awards come at the end of a hugely exciting year when we’ve seen a renaissance of the Peugeot brand in Ireland and a growth in market share. Celebrating Peugeot’s 200th birthday in 2010, this year has seen the first year of sales of the superb new Peugeot 3008, Irish Car of the Year 2010 and we’ve launched both the 5008 and RCZ to strong customer demand. I have no doubt the two latest awards will enhance our range even further.”

5008 Continental Irish Family Car of the Year 2011

RCZ Continental Irish Performance Car of the Year 2011

Caterpillar adds power-shift option to 428E & 434E mechanical backhoe loaders

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Caterpillar adds power-shift option to 428E & 434E mechanical backhoe loaders

Caterpillar is providing increased customer choice and improved operator comfort, with the option of a power-shift transmission for its popular 428E and 434E mechanical backhoe loaders. The standard manual shift transmission will remain available for those customers who prefer it, while the power-shift box, already proven on higher specification E Series Caterpillar models, promises reduced operator effort and increased machine productivity.

Smooth modulation and automatic selection

Caterpillar’s power-shift backhoe loader transmission provides four gear selection positions on the control lever. The operator simply selects the highest gear that is required by rotating the barrel of the steering column mounted directional lever. At higher forward travel speeds the transmission will automatically select a fifth ratio for a maximum 40km/h capability.

The transmission features hydraulic clutch pack modulation, to ensure that drive is taken up smoothly. This improves the ride for the operator on all types of terrain and reduces fatigue during travel between job sites.

With no conventional gear lever mounted on the cab floor, there is improved access for the operator through the right hand door, along with more floor space for those with larger work boots.

Designed to perform

The performance and productivity of Caterpillar’s British-built E Series backhoe loaders was improved further recently with the introduction of a redesigned extending dipper stick, revised wear pads in the dipper and the stabiliser legs, a new roof cap and an improved instrument cluster in the cab.

The popular 428E also benefits from a robust loader arm redesign that boosts durability and reliability in the toughest operating conditions. Front end breakout has also been increased and this, in combination with the smoother gear changing of the power-shift transmission, results in improved productivity and lower operator effort.

25 years of backhoe success

Caterpillar is celebrating 25 years of backhoe loader production in 2010. The company has recently moved all backhoe loader manufacture to the Desford plant in Leicestershire, making this site a centre of excellence for backhoe loader design and manufacture worldwide.

Caterpillar 428E Mechanical Caterpillar 434E Mechanical

Cat C4.4 turbocharged and after cooled

Net power

67kW (91hp) @ 2,200rpm, 71kW (97hp) optional

67kW (91hp) @ 2,200rpm, 71kW (97hp) optional

Operating weight



Backhoe digging depth

4,913mm standard stick,

5,853mm extending stick

4,919mm standard stick, 5,863mm extending stick


Power-shuttle four-speed synchromesh (std) five-speed power-shift transmission (optional)

Top speed


Hydraulic oil flow

125 litres/min

Loader bucket capacity



Loader breakout force



Backhoe dipper stick tearout force


Backhoe bucket tearout force


New Holland celebrates 50 years of excellence and innovation

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Self-propelled forage harvesters:

New Holland celebrates 50 years of excellence and innovation

  • 1961-2011: Half a century of pioneering innovation that revolutionised the sector
  • New Holland is celebrating in style with the launch of the FR9000 50th Anniversary Limited Edition
  • Produced at the Zedelgem Centre of Excellence

The history of self-propelled forage harvesters began in 1961 when, with a daring and absolutely futuristic move for the time, New Holland decided to transform its famous pull-type forage harvester into a unit with its own engine and controls.

From that moment on, the pioneering and innovative spirit that has always marked New Holland has been expressed uninterruptedly. Giving rise to a series of real inventions that have revolutionised the sector, New Holland’s self-propelled forage harvesters enable farmers and contractors to increase productivity, quality, efficiency, safety and driving comfort.

Among the main inventions, now all included in the equipment of the FR9000, are:

  • Metaloc™ System for detecting and ejecting metal objects from the forage. Active protection for the machine and for livestock.
  • Adjust-O-Matic™ System for sharpening knives and automatically regulating the knife-to-shearbar clearance. Better fodder quality and reduced power requirement.
  • Variflow™ System for automatically adapting the blower position versus the cutterhead in relation to the use of the crop processor. Optimised blower performance.
  • Power Cruise™ II System for adapting the engine speed and ground speed in relation to the crop load. Fuel saving of up to 15% on the field and up to 20% on the road.
  • IntelliFill™ System with 3D camera for automatic trailer filling. No waste of time or product, better operator concentration on harvesting. Winner of the 2010 EIMA Innovation Award and of the Gold Medal at Agritechnica 2009.
  • IntelliView™ III touchscreen monitor and CommandGrip™ multifunction handle. Maximum intuition and simplicity of operation, for one of the most successful control and regulation systems on the market. Now also adopted on new tractors in the New Holland Series T7 and T8.
  • HydroLoc™ feed roll drive system to provide instant and on-the move    chop length adjustment to suit specific requirements.
  • Double Drive independent attachment speed adjustment particularly useful for large attachments in demanding crop conditions. The attachment speed can be adapted independently from the feed rolls optimising crop cutting and collection.

All these highly innovative and productive systems have been included in the limited edition of the FR9000, produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world’s first self-propelled forage harvester.

Produced in a limited run of units, the FR9000 50th Anniversary model features eye-catching commemorative decals, a chrome exhaust, luxury seat and leather steering wheel. The real “custom-built” model is intended for users who want an exclusive machine that symbolises New Holland excellence in the field of forage harvesting.

Of course, this special version has been conceived and built in the New Holland Centre of Excellence for Harvesting Machines at Zedelgem (Belgium).

The Zedelgem Centre is one of the most important industrial locations in the world for harvesting machinery. It hosts not only the engineering and manufacturing departments for New Holland combine harvesters, balers and forage harvesters, but also a vast testing area, a perfectly equipped dealer training centre, a recently renovated visitors’ centre and a showroom where an exciting parade of New Holland blue and yellow machines can be admired.



Thursday, December 9th, 2010


Timber transport on steep and slippery forest tracks hauling gross weights of 74 tonnes imposes immense demands on the timber rig’s drive properties. That is why Volvo is testing hydraulic front-wheel drive on one of the trucks in the ETT – ‘En Trave Till’ (One More Pile) timber haulage project.

“We can already see major improvements in driveability,” says Lena Larsson, Volvo’s manager for the ‘One More Pile’ project.

One of the three test trucks in the “One More Pile” project was recently equipped with hydraulic front-wheel drive which can be engaged when the truck is driving on slippery tracks, on steep slopes with poor grip and in tight turnarounds. The combination – a Volvo FH16-660 with link and trailer – hauls a 74 tonne gross weight and is testing the possibility of feeding timber from the forest to a tractor with link and trailer and also the viability of hauling the wood all the way to the sawmill and other industrial users.

“This test gives us unique scope for seeing how best to optimise hydraulic front-wheel drive for different driving conditions,” says Lena, “The extra-high gross combination weight is providing us with a huge amount of information and experience on how best to exploit hydraulic drive.”

Well-known technology in a new application

Hydraulic drive is nothing new in itself, but its use in really heavy timber-haulage combinations is entirely new. In this test, Volvo has chosen to fit two separate hydraulic motors (one in each front wheel), integrated in the wheel hubs and driven by a hydraulic pump that is coupled to the engine’s power take-off.

“In this way we get the possibility of driving the front wheels independently of the gearbox and can maintain drive to the front wheels even during gear-changes or when the gearbox is in neutral,” explains Lena.

The improvement in driveability is clearly noticeable. On extremely steep slopes and on slippery surfaces, the truck continues making its way where it would otherwise come to a standstill.

“We’ve only just started the test, but have already noted considerable potential,” continues Lena Larsson. “We will continue our analysis throughout the duration of the project until 2012 and follow it up by examining how we can use this technology for optimum driveability.”

Hydraulic driving front wheel system

Test vehicle


Thursday, December 9th, 2010


Shell Chemicals and Bertocco have jointly developed a system that in a simple and effective way can help reduce the risk of truck roll-over accidents. That is why the two companies receive the 2010 EuroTra Safety and Innovation Award. The award is given once a year by the European Transport Training Association (EuroTra) in collaboration with Volvo Trucks.

“Safety is one of Volvo Trucks’ core values. We want to reward good ideas that can help improve traffic safety. This year’s award winners have engineered a simple, smart solution that addresses a vital need,” says Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks and a member of the EuroTra jury.

The system is primarily designed for tankers but can, in principle, be used for all transport operations involving trucks and trailers. It consists of a sensor on the trailer’s rear axle and a receiver in the cab. The sensor monitors the trailer’s lateral movements and alerts the driver via audio and light signals if the rig is behaving abnormally and risks rolling over. This can happen, for instance, if a curve is taken at excessive speed. The system is straightforward and can be retrofitted to existing trucks at low cost. It is also an ideal training tool, helping to improve driver understanding of how roll-over accidents can be avoided.

“In modern trucks fitted with ESP, the driver is alerted when a roll-over or skid is imminent, and the system simultaneously applies the brakes in a controlled manner to prevent an accident,” explains Carl Johan Almqvist. “But for older trucks, this system is an excellent alternative.”

Roll Over Tech


New Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer hits Dealer showrooms early December

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

New Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer hits Dealer showrooms early December

  • Fresh, modern styling for longer, wider, taller Legacy Sports Tourer
  • Peerless all-weather traction from updated Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
  • More room inside high-quality cabin, and up to 1,726-litres of luggage space
  • Recently awarded a 5-Star Euro NCAP crash safety rating
  • Available from December 2010, retailing at €41,995

On sale from 1 December, the Legacy Sports Tourer features a bold new look, increased space and comfort for all occupants, improved dynamics and refinement, and enhanced safety.

The Legacy Sports Tourer offers the combination of Horizontally-Opposed ‘Boxer’ diesel engine and Symmetrical AWD (All-Wheel-Drive).  This well-proven set-up, further refined by Subaru’s engineers for the fifth-generation car, has made successive generations of Legacy Tourer the preferred choice for motorists seeking a practical family car that delivers rewarding yet secure handling in all weather conditions.

The Legacy Sports Tourer exudes on-road presence thanks to a bold front-end design and an increase in overall dimensions: the car is wider (by 50mm), taller (by 65mm) and longer (by 55mm).

The new grille (complete with ‘wing motif’) flanked by elongated headlights is both modern and instantly recognisable as a Subaru.  Prominent wheel-arches hint at the impressive power running through the Symmetrical AWD system, while the strong belt line and a chrome-rimmed glass-house give the Legacy Sports Tourer a premium feel.

The luxurious and spacious interior has been completely redesigned to give occupants more room and to improve comfort levels.  For example, front headroom has risen by 21mm over the previous model, and legroom for rear-seat passengers increases by 99mm, aided by an 80mm increase in wheelbase.

Key to the Legacy’s sustained appeal over the years has been the practicality it offers buyers, and the latest incarnation is no different.  Boasting a generous 526 litres of stowage capacity with the 60/40 split rear seats in place, the new model offers an additional 67 litres over its predecessor.  Fold the rear pews flat, and a cavernous 1,677-litre cargo hold is created.

Subaru has adopted a revised MacPherson strut front suspension design, with the lower arm mounted on the sub-frame for greater stability and refinement.  The thickness of the stabiliser (anti-roll) bar has also been increased, improving roll resistance and offering even greater agility.

Underneath the ‘new-look’ styling, the New Legacy Sports Tourer has a completely re-engineered all-steel unitary structure that delivers the highest crash safety performance.  The vehicle was recently awarded a 5-Star Euro NCAP crash safety rating.

Legacy’s loyal customer base of over 3.6 million buyers worldwide has come to expect high levels of standard specification, and the latest version will not disappoint.  Standard features include 18” alloy wheels, tilt-and-slide sunroof, leather interior, heated front seats, six CD tuner with RDS and six speakers, dual-zone automatic air-conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic activation for wipers and headlights.

2011 Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer 2.0TD

2011 Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer 2.0TD

New Holland wins “Golden Tractor for Design 2011” at EIMA International 2010

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

New Holland wins “Golden Tractor for Design 2011”

at EIMA International 2010

  • The award was picked up by the new T7.210 Auto Command™
  • The T7 proves to be the most award-winning series ever
  • More performance and less fuel consumption, with the FPT SCR Tier 4A engines
  • Exceptional power in a compact and very light configuration

This award represents yet another success for New Holland Agriculture and the T7 Series. The winners of the 2011 edition of the “Tractor of the Year” were announced at an award ceremony held in Bologna, Italy on 10 November, during the Salon EIMA International 2010.

The jury of 20 journalists representing 20 European publications, specialising in agricultural machinery, awarded New Holland’s T7.210 model the “Golden Tractor for Design” title, as the best machine of the year in terms of style, functionality and ergonomics.

This new success confirms the T7 Series as the most award-winning machine in the 14 year history of the event, with a total of two “Tractor of the Year” awards, in 2008 with the T7060 (now T7.260) and in 2010 with the T7070 Auto Command™ (now T7.270), and three “Golden Tractor for Design” awards; in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

The T7.210 model is powered by a 6.700 cm3 Tier 4A compliant NEF engine with FPT SCR technology and is able to provide gains in performance while decreasing fuel consumption. Equipped with New Holland AutoCommand™ constantly variable transmission, the T7.210 also features the multi award winning SideWinder™ II armrest with CommandGrip™ lever for proportional speed and direction control and an IntelliView™ III touchscreen monitor. It also has the integrated New Holland IntelliSteer™ automatic satellite drive system.

Intended for users who prefer a compact machine but do not want to forfeit high performance, maximum versatility, great productivity and low running costs, the T7.210 has a weight-power ratio of 28.3 kg/hp, at the top of its category, and has been designed to allow the fitting of tyres up to size 650/65/R42.

These tyres considerably increase the footprint of the vehicle and allow decreased working pressure, improving traction and ground clearance while reducing slipping.


New 6 series BMW

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Words such as “breathtaking”, “irresistible” and “flawless” pepper the history of BMW convertibles. And now the brand has added a new chapter to a tradition of open-top cars that stretches back decades. The new BMW 6 Series Convertible fulfils the wishes of discerning automotive aesthetes with its finely honed sense for sporty driving pleasure, groundbreaking luxury and sparkling looks. In the exclusive environs of the premium convertible market, the 2+2-seater makes a convincing case for itself with the most efficient engines, most advanced chassis technology and most innovative comfort, infotainment and safety features in its segment. A sweeping bonnet, set-back passenger compartment, long wheelbase and flat waistline embody the hallmark proportions of a BMW convertible. The new BMW 6 Series Convertible combines these features with a classic softtop roof in customary “fin” design. Powerfully contoured surfaces and the surging dynamism of its lines promise assured driving properties. The luxurious ambience of the interior is highlighted by the driver-oriented cockpit set-up and wraps the front passenger and rear passengers in a feeling of exclusive security. Nowhere is the high-class functionality of the interior underlined more prominently than in the redesigned freestanding Control Display of the standard-fitted iDrive control system.
The new BMW 6 Series Convertible is available with two engine variants from launch. The eight-cylinder powerplant in the BMW 650i Convertible produces 300 kW/407 hp, while an exclusive variant of the six-cylinder in-line engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo, direct injection and VALVETRONIC – generating 235 kW/320 hp – has been developed for the BMW 640i Convertible. Both engines team up as standard with an eight-speed Sports automatic gearbox. Standard-fitted BMW EfficientDynamics features include the Auto Start-Stop function in the BMW 640i Convertible.

Chassis technology unmatched in its segment works in tandem with the cutting-edge engines to ensure even greater dynamic capability and a similarly discernible improvement in ride comfort compared to its predecessor. The new BMW 6 Series Convertible comes as standard with Drive Dynamic Control, which allows drivers to choose their own suspension settings, while the Adaptive Drive system is available as an option with electrically controlled dampers and roll stabilisation. In addition to the standard-fitted electromechanical power steering, another unique feature inthis segment is the optional Integral Active Steering system.

The new BMW 6 Series Convertible also underlines its progressive character with numerous BMW ConnectedDrive features that none of its rivals can match. The selection of optional driver assistance systems includes a rearview camera, Surround View, BMW Night Vision with pedestrian recognition and BMW Parking Assistant. The new BMW 6 Series Convertible is the only car in its segment to be available with a Head-Up Display. Making its debut in the new soft top, the latest generation of the system uses a broader palette of colours and three-dimensional graphics to create an even sharper image.

BMW 6 Series

BMW 6 Series


BMW Convertable