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20000 hp of CASE IH Quadtrac

Monday, January 30th, 2012

CASE IH are sponsoring a Quadtrac record attempt in aid of Relay for Life a Cancer Research UK initiative, The most CASE IH Quadtrac’s cultivating in one field.
Helen Rainthorpe who is organising the event says the idea for the event came from one of her farms Quadtrac drivers Neil Maddison who felt that it would be a fitting event to hold in memory of John Rainthorpe Helen’s father who passed away in 2010. Since then Helen has taken over the farm and has become the fourth generation to run the family farm.
The event is a world record attempt and will take place on 28th of July at Westhall Farm, Welton Cliff, Lincoln LN2 3PZ. If you want to take part or donate to a worthy charity contact Helen at or for more details Rainthorpe

John Deere DirectDrive transmission

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

John Deere’s new DirectDrive transmission will be availably on 6 cylinder 6R series 140hp to 210hp later this year.
The DirectDrive transmission combines infinitly variable shift transmission with the power efficiency of a mechanical transmission and has been specifically designed for tasks which require continuous power such as ploughing and towing.
The transmission uses a double clutch and electromagnetic actuchors to enable fast and smooth changes between speeds and ranges. the DirectDrive transmission can be used in manual mode via a control lever or automatic mode. there are 3 ranges and eight speed in each range with a max speed of 50kms. Using the efficiency manager function the speed can automaticaly be matched to the engine rpm this can give you 50kms at significantly lower engine RPMJD DirectDrive

CASE IH have expanded its Efficient Power technology to more models in the range

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

CASE IH has expanded its Efficient Power technology accros more models in its range to include the new Maxxum and Farmall U these models join the Puma and Magnum ranges in sporting the very latest engine technology that offers high perforance and reduced fuel consumption.
CASE IH’s Racine production facility in Wisconsin has been accredited with ISO500001 certification for energy managment. CASE IH joins just a few companies worldwide to qualify for ISO 50001racine

A Volvo FH12-460 truck called the Black Pearl

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Mr Lucjan Irgas and his Volvo FH12-460 called The Black Pearl are the stars of Volvo Trucks online series Welcome to my cab.
Welcome to my cab invites viewers into the cabs of truck drivers from all around the world. In this episode Polish truck driver Lucjan Igras tells us how he came up with the idea to decorate his Volvo FH12-460 while watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

Black Pearl 1

Black Pearl - interior

CASE IH have appointed Sylvain Blaise as senior director of gobal tractor marketing

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Case IH have appointed Sylvain Blaise as senior director of global tractor marketing.
Mr Blaise has led the European Case IH and Steyr marketing teams for the past 6 years at St Valentin Austria.
In his new role Mr Blaise will be moving to Case IH’s World headquarters in Racine in the USA where he will be defining Case IH’s global marketing
Mr Blaise is from a dairy/mixed farm in Bourgogne France and has 15 years professional experience in agricultural technology.Sylvain_Blaise

John Deere debut the 9R and 6210R tractors and the XUV 550 Gator at LAMMA Show

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

John Deere will have the new 9R series tractor, the new 6210R tractor and the new XUV 550 Gator at LAMMA Show this week
The new XUV 550 and XUV 550 S4 Gators are smaller lighter in weight and are more nimble than existing models.
Equiped with a V-Twin OHV air cooled petrol engine which drives the CVT transmission to a top speed of 45kph.
The XUV 550 has hydraulic disc brakes all round, fully independent suspension. The cargo box can carry 181kg and the XUV 550 can tow 500kgs.
John Deere’s XUV 550 is a two seater and the XUV 550S4 is a 4 seater. the options list include a intergrated winch with recovery loops and cabs.XUV 550 Gator utility vehicle B

Massey Ferguson 7600 series

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

The Massey Ferguson 7600 Series tractors makes their UK debut at LAMMA Show along with the new 7300 Aetivas and 7300 Beta combine harvesters.
The new Massey Ferguson 7600 series have Sisu 185 hp to 235 hp SCR equiped engines, Dyna 6 semi powershift or Dyna-VT CVT transmissions. A new cab with curved front windscreen inside there is a new slimline dash and instrument panel. You also get a choice of suspension a mechanical system and hydraulic OptiRide Plus. massey-ferguson-7600-series-d-260x195


Monday, January 16th, 2012

Peugeot are now the fourth largest European car company in terms of sales
Peugeot has achieved an increase of 48% in sales outside of Europe. World wide 2114000 vehicles were sold in 2011.
In 2012 Peugeot will be launching to the market the new Peugeot 208, the 3008 Hybrid 4 and the 508 RXH Hybrid 4

Fendt 714 VARIO

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Fendt will be showing the new 714 Vario for the first time at LAMMA Show
The 714 is one of 3 new models 714 (145hp) 716 (165hp) and the 718 (180hp) these tractors are powered by 6.06 ltr 6 cylinder Deutz engine using SCR exaust after treatment.
The 700 series uses the TMS to optimise the performance of the Vario transmission the system adjust the engine RPM and the travel speed automatically top speed of 50km/hr is achieved at 1700 RPMs which cuts fuel consumption by 10%.
The new 700 series have a new cab the VisioPlus a four post cab with curved front windscreen which extends into the front of the roof. There is also a new 3 point Pneumatic suspension.
Fendt are offering a warrent package call Star Service as an option which gives warrenty up to 6000 hours


Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Horsch are launching 2 new drills at 2012 LAMMA Show they are the Mini Drill and the Duo Drill. Both machines are ideal for sowing rape and catch crops
The Mini Drill has a 200 litre seed hopper with electric fan and trye packer working width is 3 to 6m
The Duo Drill is a fully pneumatic seed drill with drill manager 300 litre seed hopper tyre packer and is available in 3 to 7.5m working widthminidrill_01duodrill_02