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SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing dispense advice at Tillage-Live

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Practical advice on how to set-up, calibrate and test slug pelleters to achieve the most effective control, while protecting the environment will be available from SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing at the Tillage-Live event.

The company is providing the advice as part of the event’s Knowledge Trail, for which NRoSO and BASIS points will be available. SCS engineers will be explaining to visitors how to ensure equipment is set correctly to meet the latest stewardship recommendations and why it is important to carry out a full-width tray test.

An SCS test costs £145 and this includes an applicator ‘MOT’ in which the engineer will check and set-up the machine on the vehicle and then tray test the distribution pattern. Once the spread width has been confirmed an accurate application rate setting can be determined. Applicators may appear simple, with few adjustments, but SCS staff often discover bad wiring connections, tired motors and worn spreading vanes.

“Although it’s one of the cheapest pieces of kit in an arable farmer’s fleet, the humble slug pelleter shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to maintenance and settings,” warns Rob Foxall, managing director of SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing the national specialist, with 25 engineers providing a nationwide service
And driving up and down a couple of tramlines finding out whether the hopper is empty or not isn’t necessarily the best way of knowing whether you’re doing a good job.

“Even if an application rate calibration shows the machine is ‘spot on’, only a full-width tray test will reveal the true distribution accuracy where the pellets are actually landing. Like fertiliser, slug pellets vary in weight and density, which have a big influence on spreading characteristics. Just because a machine is said to spread to 12m or 24m, it’s impossible to tell how it will perform with specific materials unless it is tray tested,” he adds.

As well as offering on-farm tests for fertiliser spreaders, sprayers and slug pelleters, the company also has vast experience of testing various applicators with a wide range of pellets and products for manufacturers and suppliers.

SCS Spreader & Sprayer Calibration Testing carried out the work for the Metaldehyde Stewardship Group’s Get Pelletwise campaign machinery settings guide, which is available on-line at:

After clicking on the product to be applied, the recommended settings for the application rate are displayed alongside. But the only certain method of guaranteeing pellets are spread safely and precisely is to also service, check and, crucially, tray test the applicator for each product, he explains.

It may be the case that the working width has to be reduced in order to maintain accuracy, he adds. “We’re finding a lot of spreaders are spreading perhaps one pellet at 18m and a hundred or more behind the spreader. By reducing the working width, you can control the spread pattern far more accurately. For example, set a 24m spreader to work at 12m, a 20m to 10m or an 18m to 9m and operate using half the dose rate as well.”
Top tips for precision pelleting
• When renewing, invest in the best quality applicator
• Narrower working widths cut the risk of misses
• Always tray test the spreader with the actual product to be applied
• Check the actual spread width with a tray test
• Inspect the disc vanes for wear
• Check the integrity of the wiring and connections on electrically driven applicators
• Use a tachometer to assess disc speed and electric motor condition
• Use deflector plates and other adjustments (if available) to prevent pellets being spread into watercourses and hedges
• Always calibrate the spreader for application rate

Further information:
For more information, pictures or to arrange features or interviews please contact:
Mick Roberts
MWR Media
Rob Foxall
SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd
0845 130 7175
1 SCS-Slug spread pattern check

New Holland invests in the future of harvesting at the extended Customer Centre in Zedelgem, Belgium

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

New Holland has unveiled the extended Customer Centre at its Centre of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium, further cementing its commitment to the global harvesting sector and providing a full harvesting immersion for visitors. This facility will act as a focal point for New Holland for European and international customers, and represents the distillation of an illustrious harvesting heritage whilst celebrating cutting-edge technology.

Zedelgem, Belgium: New Holland’s Centre of Harvesting Excellence

Zedelgem is the ancestral home of New Holland harvesting products, with over a century of history punctuated by harvesting milestones that have changed how farmers across the world harvest today. The state-of-the-art customer centre has been extended to an impressive 3000 square metres and will welcome over 5,000 visitors annually. This bespoke facility is nestled right beside the production plant and is characterised by clean sweeping lines, reminiscent of the industry-leading harvesters themselves, and expanses of glass that flood the entire facility with light. The Customer Centre offers a tailored customer experience with a differentiated visits programme to suit individual visitor needs, and that can be further personalised following specific requests. The facility will welcome groups as disparate as school parties, keen to find out more about engineering right through to VIP customers and corporate clients. The Customer Centre represents the final link in a 360° harvesting chain, with product development, engineering, testing, parts manufacturing and final assembly. This is complemented by a training centre, the commercial team for the Benelux market and now an industry leading customer facility, all at one site.

A state-of-the-art, multi-sensual tour of New Holland harvesting experience and expertise

Visitors will be encapsulated in a New Holland world that takes them on a journey of discovery through a rich past, including the first European self-propelled combine harvester right through to world-record breaking machines via clean energy and outstanding service. Attendees will experience multimedia presentations courtesy of a fully equipped auditorium and the showroom plays host to 17 cutting edge products. Visitors can browse an extensive merchandise collection in the on-site shop. Key customers will also have the opportunity to meet with New Holland Brand experts or conduct commercial discussions in dedicated areas. A distinctly New Holland styled lounge area can welcome groups of between 12-15 customers. In short, the whole experience is reminiscent of attending a permanent show stand, with a multitude of interactive and multimedia displays. Future planned developments include the opening of a technological zone, which will explain the inner workings of these award-winning machines and the Benelux market’s commercial team will also take up residence at the end of 2012.

Every visit culminates with a guided tour of the manufacturing facility, and visitors experience first-hand how their flagship harvesting machines are produced in an impressive World Class Manufacturing plant.
Zedelgem 1

The 2013 Case IH Axial Flow

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Case IH has unveiled new features on its latest Axial-Flow combines for 2013, including a redesigned cab and a folding auger with an industry-exclusive pivoting spout option, helping to make these high-output machines even more productive. Guided by feedback from farmers and contractors, Case IH has taken the largest and quietest cab in the industry and made it even better. Customers can also upgrade to an advanced ‘Luxury’ cab with an even higher level of specification.

“Our new, redesigned cabin has advanced even further to set the industry standard in convenience, comfort and ergonomics, and provides the operator with an office in the field,” says August von Eckardstein, marketing manager for Axial-Flow combines in Europe.

New cab features
A slim Multifunction Propulsion Handle puts all key controls within a finger’s reach and an upgraded right-hand console with simple ergonomic controls and slide rail allows for adjustment of the AFS display, plus a cup-holder. Convenient storage locations have been added throughout and feature brushed-chrome styling in the Luxury cab.

Operators can keep in touch with an iPad or iPod connector, and a co-drivers seat opens to reveal a convenient, portable electric refrigerator to keep food and drinks cool.

The operator’s seat has been lowered and has more seat travel giving greater legroom while a red leather Luxury cab seat option provides greater comfort. The infinitely-adjustable steering wheel provides maximum visibility without impairing the cutterbar view. Air ride suspension is standard on all 30 Series combines, while a semi-active air suspension seat is optional.
Unloading Made Simpler
New auger options make on-the-go unloading more comfortable and safer with wide headers, including a new High Capacity folding 8.8m auger for the widest headers. The new 8.8 m auger option is fully cab controlled and folds out to 95 degrees for clear visibility when unloading, access to the rear service deck is unaffected when folded and the auger is within the width of the combine side panels for easier transport and storage.

The new industry-exclusive pivoting spout option is available for all High Capacity unloading auger lengths. The operator can accurately adjust the grain stream by simply using the controls on the propulsion handle to position the spout precisely instead of repositioning the entire tractor and grain trailer. The risk of the tractor and trailer spilling grain or coming into contact with the header is reduced and, when laying straw swaths for baling, the tractor need not run on the rows.

The electrically-controlled auger spout boosts harvest efficiency by allowing perfect grain trailer filling. The new spout moves the grain stream by approximately 60cm to 90cm, while also providing a spill-proof grain saver feature. When the unloading auger is disengaged, the spout automatically and quickly pivots upwards to prevent any grain from dribbling out. In addition to this, it allows grain to be directed straight downwards to reduce wind-blow of light crop types.

Powered grain tank covers, controlled from the cab, reduce downtime when preparing for transport or harvest.

New Enhanced Chopper and Chaff Spreader
Case IH chopper packages have been upgraded to include in-cab adjustment of the chopper counter knife bank with knife positions adjustable in four steps of 0% to 100% insertion. It is now possible to switch the combine from ‘chop’ to ‘swath’ in under a minute. No covers need to be opened and there is no need for the operator to work in the dust.

If the emergency stop button on top of the multi-function handle is pressed, the counter knife bank will fully retract, providing an additional measure to protect the chopper and counter knife against foreign objects. Less need to reset the counterknives manually means chop quality and even spreading are maintained. An enhanced chaff spreader option, which includes in-cab adjustment of the spread distance and distribution is available.

Efficient Power, Efficient Operation
From the feeding system to the patented Case IH AFX rotor with its concentric rotor cage design, Axial-Flow combines continue to create smooth crop flow, improving throughput and putting more high-quality grain in the tank.
Combine cab1Combine cab 2Combine cab 3Combine cab 4

New Holland Launch the New FR Range of Forage Harvesters

Friday, September 21st, 2012

The launch of the new FR range of forage harvesters sees New Holland accomplish the complete renewal of its line-up of professional harvesting products. The five model FR range delivers between 450-824hp and offers industry-leading chop quality and consistency, which, when combined with the range’s unsurpassed throughput, provides the most efficient and productive package on the market. Innovative new features such as productivity enhancing ECOBlue™ SCR technology, the ultra-wide IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor, and a new high performance grass pick-up header have been combined with renowned FR features including the VariFlow™ and HydroLoc™ systems in a strikingly distinctive New Holland styling package, to offer professional contractors and large cooperatives unsurpassed quality and throughput.

“The latest generation of FRs represents the pinnacle of forage harvesting technology, and is the culmination of over 50 years of pioneering forager firsts.” Stated Hedley Cooper, Head of Harvester Product Management. “In 1961, New Holland revolutionised the world of forage harvesting with the Model SP818. Today, over half a century later, yellow blooded engineers are hard at work at our Harvesting Centre of Excellence, in Zedelgem, and the home of the FR, to provide today’s high output contractors and cooperatives with the productivity, efficiency and reliability they require.”

ECOBlue™ SCR technology for enhanced productivity and reduced fuel consumption

New Holland is committed to enhancing environmental sustainability whilst improving farmers’ and contractors’ productivity as well as reducing their operating costs. The Cursor 9 and Cursor 13 engines fitted to the FR450 and FR500 respective, boast ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A compliance. The ECOBlue™ SCR system offers significant performance advantages, and the new FR450 and FR500 now develop maximum harvesting power of 450hp and 520hp, which mean operators will have the power on tap to tackle even the most demanding conditions and crops.

Fuel consumption has been optimised courtesy of ECOBlue™ SCR technology. The renowned Power Cruise™ technology enables further fuel savings in the field, and the ultra-low road mode engine speeds, as low as 1400rpm, enable up to an additional 20% reduction in fuel consumption.

New Holland’s ECOBlue™ Selective Catalytic Reduction system used to meet Tier 4A emissions standards was developed in partnership with FPT Industrial, and over 240,000 SCR engines have been produced to date for ultimate reliability in all operating conditions. A fundamental element of ECOBlue™ SCR technology is AdBlue, which is injected in the after-treatment system to neutralise the harmful exhaust emissions produced during combustion. It turns them into water and nitrogen, both of which are naturally present in the environment. The range’s AdBlue system has been designed for minimal operator input, and the 150 litre tank only needs to be filled every two diesel refills. It is located next to the pre-existing diesel tank to ensure hassle-free filling. Operators are kept continually informed of AdBlue levels via the IntelliView™ IV display.

All-new chopper body and powerful blowing performance for efficient crop flow

The FR benefits from an all new chopper body which has significantly enhanced chop quality in terms of uniformity and throughput. Moreover, changing from the grass to the maize setting has been further simplified to reduce downtime during tight foraging windows. The FR features the latest advances in blower design, which have optimised crop transfer from the cutterhead to the processor and trailer, even when working in the lightest grass crops. The paddle type blower has increased the mass of smooth flowing air by a full 40% to transport higher volumes of crop more efficiently and to reduce the risk of crop accumulation in the chopper body area for significantly diminished crop build-up, reducing maintenance demands. Advanced computational fluid dynamic analysis was also conducted to establish the smoothest and best possible path for the crop, and an impressive value of 80% has been achieved for crop flow direction stability. A more stable flow means reduced turbulence and greater unloading efficiency.

Distinctive styling facilitates access and serviceability

The FR range’s distinctively New Holland styling features a slick black spout, reminiscent of the 50th anniversary model. The sculpted steps form a natural arc for easy cab-access, and the operator platform has been widened with sculpted hand rails for safe entry and exit late at night and after long working days. The elegant side panels open wide as a single unit on self-supporting gas struts for easy servicing access.

Daily maintenance has been further simplified courtesy of significant advances in feed roll packaging. The entire area has been sealed thanks to the addition of precision placed plates which form a protective seal around the feed roller to prevent the build-up of debris, which can substantially reduce time-consuming daily cleaning. Furthermore, this system has the additional benefit of improving crop flow and reducing costly side ‘fall out’ losses.

New grass pick-up for higher speed, ultra-reliable, smooth harvesting in all conditions

New Holland knows that the optimum harvesting window for guaranteed nutritious silage is tight; this lead to the development of the high capacity 300FP grass pick-up header. Available in two working widths, the three metre model is perfect for transport-intensive operations, whereas the super-wide 3.8 metre version makes light work of even the widest grass swaths. Ultimate throughput is guaranteed courtesy of the roller wind guard. Designed to ensure smooth crop flow from swath to forager, it prevents crop flow disturbances for uniform feeding. The wind guard can be adjusted from the cab to maintain constant, laminar flow in swaths of changing densities. Retractable fingers smoothly and efficiency transfer the crop to the feed rolls, and optional paddles can be specified when working in the densest and most demanding conditions.

Pick-up speed has been significantly increased thanks to the addition of a supplementary tine bar, bringing the total to five. This enables higher ground speeds, perfect when working in unstable climatic conditions or for contractors looking to increase productivity and profitability. When working in muddy or boggy fields, the pick-up support wheel will prevent costly bulldozing and maintain uniform header height. Reinforced tines complete the high level of reliability that this header offers; when working in even the most uneven fields or in stony conditions, tine breakages have been consigned to the history books.

All headers can be quickly and easily attached courtesy of the ‘quick-attach’ logic, and lateral and vertical header height correction are managed from the comfort of the cab. This ensures that the header follows the contours of even the most uneven ground without bulldozing or lifting.

Designed to enhance biomass productivity

The FR range has been engineered by design to offer productive biomass harvesting. Cutting edge technology is combined with a complete range of customisable options so that the FR can be specified to match diverse biomass harvesting operations. The high inertia biomass drum features 2×20 knives for a fine cut for more efficient digestion and combustion. The Dual Drive function of the HydroLoc™, variable chop length system, enables ‘straight through’ crop-flow by disengaging the threshing mechanism, perfect for miscanthus biomass harvesting. The 130FB coppice header with integrated saw blades, can slice through coppice stems of up to 15cm and produce uniform woodchips. The protruding ‘trunk’ efficiently feeds stems into the feed rolls for effective harvesting.

IntelliFill™ system: let your FR fill the trailer for you

The multi-award winning IntelliFill™ technology enables the operator to accurately fill the trailer with minimal losses, even when visibility is limited. A specialised 3D camera mounted under the spout guides the crop flow into the trailer, ensuring a uniform fill. The spout mounted sensor creates a distance image of the trailer and its surroundings based on near infra-red technology, which means crops can be accurately discharged up to a distance of 20 metres. What’s more, the system needs no manual calibration, and recognises different types of trailer automatically, eliminating complex and time consuming set-up procedures. This system provides notable advancements in terms of operator comfort and can lead to significant increases in productivity: operators can concentrate on harvesting without having to continually check over their shoulder to monitor crop discharge. During long days, and even in the dark, the automatic spout guidance will consistently reduce crop spoilage, increasing the forage harvesters’ overall quality of work.

Accurate yield mapping can enhance yields and improve customer service

Today’s modern agricultural contractors find themselves in an ultra-competitive world, where even the slightest difference in quality or service can tilt the balance when lucrative contracts are up for grabs. New Holland knows this, and has placed a powerful tool in the hands of professional forager contractors: fully integrated yield mapping reporting. Yield mapping information can be downloaded from the FR, analysed using New Holland PLM™ software so that contactors can provide customers with accurate reports on their field performance, enabling them to tailor inputs to enhance future yields. This is the perfect example of New Holland, contractors and customers forming a virtuous cycle to enhance yields and mutual profitability.

Wide range of headers for ultimate crop-to-crop flexibility and productivity

All models in the FR range are fully compatible with a wide range of headers including the Marangon for New Holland direct cut header which is the default choice for super-intensive dairy farms and biomass operations. The six metre header offers a super fine cut with 14 ultra-flat round cutting discs for uninterrupted flow that transmits zero stress and strain to the cutting bed, enhancing machine reliability and reducing costly down time during tight cutting windows. The main frame is composed of one module to which the cutterbar has been fully welded for increased strength and inherent stability. Moreover, when cutting tall, high value whole crop, it can be elevated via hydraulic struts to prevent knocking off valuable seeds.

Furthermore, all New Holland combine maize and grain headers, together with specific Forage Harvester maize headers can be fitted.

Power-saving VariFlow™ system improves blower and in-field performance

The two-position Variflow™ system enables operators to alter the location of the blower based on the crop being harvested. The Blower rotor is precision placed depending on the crop to tailor the blower force required for efficient transfer of material up the spout. The system features one maize and two grass settings: one grass door position for first cut, heavy silage and the second, which virtually eliminates the gap between the blower and the grass door, for light second and third cut silage. In grass-mode, the blower is situated 20cm closer to the cutterhead and offers savings of up to 40hp to enhance overall machine efficiency. The operator can swiftly change between the two settings in less than two minutes without the need for tools to maximise efficiency during tight harvesting windows.

Horsch UK expands sales team

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Will Mallon has joined Horsch UK as area sales manager for the east of England.
Coming from an extensive agricultural background, Mr Mallon’s appointment
expands Horsch’s sales team and allows current area manager, Stephen Burcham, to
concentrate on promoting Horsch’s new products and the Irish market.

“The successful
introduction of the cultivation equipment plus the established drills has really
seen the company go from strength to strength,” said Mr Mallon. “With Stephen
overseeing the new Leeb sprayers, as well as new cultivation and seeding
products, it’s going to be an exciting future and I look forward to working with
Horsch’s dealers and customers.” Mr Mallon can be contacted on 07867 355810 or

New Holland Launch Their 2013 Harvest Campaign

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

New Holland’s extensive UK dealer network converged on Forest Pines Hotel and Golf resort in Brigg, Lincolnshire last week, launching the company’s 2013 Harvest campaign in a unique setting.

Over 100 dealers and 30 internal staff attended this year’s Harvest Convention which brought together New Holland’s harvester specialists for intensive classroom and ‘hands on’ product training.

New Holland Marketing Manager, Dick Spencer said: “This is a really important annual date in our calendars where our dealer network comes together to enhance its product knowledge, hear news on the latest developments and forthcoming product launches and share best practice.”

As the combine season starts in earnest, this year’s jam-packed training schedule included updates on the CX range of combines and the introduction of New Holland’s assisted steering system, EZ Pilot™ which has joined the New Holland range of Precision Land Management equipment and is enjoying considerable customer interest.

This year, dealers were also treated to a preview of the all new Roll Baler range of heavy duty fixed chamber round balers ahead of their official launch at the Livestock event. This flagship range of Roll Balers completes New Holland’s round baler line up, alongside the standard BR6000, fixed chamber baler and the BR7000, variable chamber models.

Dick concludes: “The convention is our opportunity not just to share the newest initiatives and campaigns with our dealers, but also to officially recognise and reward the great work they do on a daily basis. We are looking forward to another strong year for the business and continued success for the dealer network.”
Group photo


Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

JCB Attachments has launched a work tool app for the iPhone, making it easier for customers to rapidly locate, choose and purchase the right attachments for their JCB machines. The free download incorporates a dealer locator, an attachment finder by machine type or product group, a Light Equipment viewer and an enquiry function that will send a message directly to the customer’s preferred JCB dealer.

Comprehensive Attachment Line-Up
The customer can search for any attachment for a specific JCB machine, or look for the correct machine to power the desired attachment. In either case the JCB app takes the customer through the straightforward selection process, with pictures of the machines and attachments along with product specifications and features.

With the Light Equipment range, that includes hand-held breakers, pumps, earth drills, compaction plates and hydraulic powerpacks, the process is the same, allowing the customer to search for individual tools, providing working weights and operating parameters in clear, easy to read pages with individual photography and specifications.

“The demand is huge. It allows our customers and our dealers to easily identify the required attachments from our entire range,” says Cameron Burnett, General Manager at JCB Attachments.

Instant Dealer Contact
At each point in the process the customer can tick a box to indicate their interest in the attachment or tool, requesting more information from a dealer. The customer can either send the enquiry to the closest dealer, using the iPhone’s GPS system to determine the three nearest outlets, or they can use a preset dealer as a default for all enquiries.

All information requests are logged within the app, including details of the dealer to which the enquiry has been sent. The app also includes contact details for all JCB dealers in the UK and Ireland, providing customers with telephone numbers, e-mails and addresses that can be uploaded to the phone book within the iPhone. The customer can find directions to a dealer outlet, or e-mail the dealer direct from the page within the app.

Interactive Response
Despite JCB Attachments having more than 2,000 individual part numbers for attachments and light tools, there will occasionally be a requirement for an attachment or work tool that JCB currently does not offer. Third party suppliers can apply to JCB Attachments to have their work tools included on the app. If the customer clicks through to the third party, the sales transaction moves to that company, away from the JCB dealer. “This offers an additional solution to our customers through a third party reference,” says Mr Burnett.

There is also the opportunity for customers with an idea for a new product, or a particular job on site for which they require an attachment, to communicate those designs to JCB. The Inventor page provides a way for the customer to send ideas, detailed specifications, images and contact details directly to JCB Attachments.

The content of the app will be regularly updated every five days, ensuring that the very latest equipment is available to customers. Initially the app will be available in English to customers in the UK and Ireland. However it is intended that this will be developed for additional territories in the future. The JCB Attachments app is available now as a free download from the iTunes Store.

The New Deutz – Fahr 7 TTV

Monday, September 10th, 2012

The new Deutz-Fahr Series 7 TTV range is targeted both at contractors and large scale farmers and offers tractors designed to provide reliability, efficiency and productivity. The range comprises three models: the 7210, 7230 and the 7250, the latter rated at a maximum of 263hp.
Power is provided by a new six-cylinder Deutz TCD 6.1 litres engine which meets the Stage lll B (Tier 4 interim) emissions requirements – exhaust gasses are treated by an SCR catalytic converter.
Engine design features include four valves per cylinder, centrally positioned injectors, a turbocharger, an intercooler and a waste gate along with DCR (Deutz Common Rail) high pressure fuel injection system operating at 2000 bar. Maximum rated power is delivered at an engine speed of 1900 rpm and the power remains virtually constant between 1600 rpm and 2100 rpm.
The Series 7 TTV range is an example of Deutz-Fahr’s successful downsizing strategy which uses a high degree of technology in the design and construction of engines to scale down their size and, with it, fuel consumption overall. These engines can also run on biodiesel fuel, either blended with ordinary diesel or 100% pure.
The TTV transmission is manufactured by ZF and is a tried and tested system which is universally respected for its design and reliability within the agricultural tractor manufacturing business. It provides a top speed of 60kph and, when travelling at 40kph, allows the engine to run at a fuel saving 1300rpm. Control is via a joystick which provides infinitely variable speed variations from zero through to its top speed.
For the pto, the 7210 TTV is equipped with a 540/540E/1000/1000E gearbox with mechanical selection, and the larger two models have 540E/1000/1000E speeds as standard with selection made using an electro-hydraulic clutch which also provides a soft start pick-up.
An active wheel slip control operates when the tractor slows down after the accelerator is released. It is a feature which also activates automatic engagement of four wheel drive and differential lock and is designed to increase safety when transporting heavy loads on steep gradients.
Braking is catered for by the PowerBrake and there is the electronic parking brake (EPB) which provides ‘smart’ braking in response to the load and data received from the active control of the TTV transmission.
In the hydraulic system there is a separate power steering pump and a 44 litre/min pump to power auxiliary circuits. For the main hydraulic system there is a load sensing pump rated at 120 litres/min (165 litres/min can be specified) which feeds four double acting spool valves as standard and up to seven if requested. There is a further option for two spool valves to be fitted at the front of the tractor. All spool valves have timer and flow control functions and their operating levers and ports are colour coded.
Maximum lift capacity for the rear linkage is 10,000kg, the control is handled by the tractor’s EHR electronic management system which offers functions which include quick soil engagement, oscillation damping for mounted implements, position selectable transport lock, lift height limiter, rate of drop control and maximum permissible wheel slip setting. Front lift capacity for the optional front linkage is 4500kg.
The Series 7 TTV range’s new MaxiVision cab, which will be standard on all continuous Tier 4i tractors over 120hp, has all its key operating elements for engine control, driving, pto-functions and hydraulic control located on the new armrest along with the new joystick control. As standard,
the tractor is equipped with the new coloured work display which helps to give a clear indication of the task each function is responsible for.
This operating concept was developed by Deutz-Fahr working together with farmers, contractors and Giugiaro, the latter one of the leading design companies in the automotive business.
For the cab itself, extensive use of glass provides good unrestricted views of proceedings and high quality of materials are used throughout the cab – not least in the seating department where the driver and passenger can now enjoy even thicker padding.Deutz 7250

New Holland introduces the Roll Baler range, a new series of professional fixed chamber round balers

Friday, September 7th, 2012

The new Roll Baler range of heavy duty fixed chamber round balers is set to become the default choice for professional baling operations. The three model line-up, featuring the standard Roll Baler 125, and two combination baler-wrapper models: the Roll Baler 125 Combi and the Roll Baler 135 Ultra, is set to redefine the benchmark in terms of bale density and wrapping flexibility. Moreover, the sleek modern design and premium construction further enhance the range’s appeal.

“The heavy duty Roll Baler has been engineered by design to offer outstanding in-field performance, uniformly dense bales, efficient road transport and bullet proof reliability. Everything professional contractors and large scale dairy farmers are looking for to boost their productivity.” Stated Bob Hatz, head of Hay and Forage Product Management. “Furthermore, the flagship Roll Baler completes New Holland’s round baler line up, alongside the standard BR6000, fixed chamber baler and the BR7000, variable chamber models.”

Efficient feeding and precision chopping improve profitability and bale quality

The 2.1m pick-up working width for both Roll Baler 125 models and the 2.2m pick-up working width for the Roll Baler 135 model ensure that every last piece of valuable crop is efficiently transferred into the chamber, even when working in heavy first cut silage or dense straw swaths produced by today’s high capacity combines. The five tine bars maintain positive contact with the crop and provide an even flow to prevent clogging. The 470mm diameter rotor features 10mm thick tines for exceptional reliability and durability to further extend machine life.

Precision engineered rollers ensure uniform bale formation and enhance machine reliability

The Roll Baler range features 18 rollers each with a 200mm diameter, for accurate and uniform bale formation. Their aggressive profile maintains contact with the crop, independent of crop type and condition, for dense core formation and uniform filling. Overall machine longevity is enhanced, as the high number of rollers ensures that bale weight is equally spread across the entire circumference of the chamber during formation. It also eliminates excessive loading points. Roller working life has been extended, thanks to a highly wear-resistant material used in their construction. This is perfect for operations that work extensively in particularly abrasive crops.

Flexible wrapping with both net and plastic film options

Contractors can offer their customers even greater flexibility as both the Roll Baler 125 Combi and the Roll Baler 135 Ultra are compatible with both traditional net wrap and state of the art film wrap. Film wrapping offers a whole host of benefits including an improved bale oxygen barrier: this facilitates the fermentation process for higher quality forage

Furthermore, once the initial film layer has been applied, during the wrapping process, the overall cost of wrap is significantly lower. This is because uniform side and end wrapping can be achieved in a shorter time with a reduced quantity of wrap.

Intuitive monitor for fingertip control

The dedicated bale monitor features intuitive impulse contact buttons for true fingertip control. An easy to read display enables operators to monitor and control a whole host of parameters including bale density, PTO speed, net/film indication, manual and automatic tying selection and even the number of wraps per bale. Contractors can provide accurate job reports courtesy of the bale counter which can store up to 50 individual customers’ bale counts, and farmers can accurately monitor the yield per field.

Precision hydraulic operation improves baling efficiency

When used in conjunction with a tractor featuring load sensing hydraulics, the Roll Baler automatically controls the hydraulic flow, using only the precise volume required to maintain pick-up performance and pressure.

Exceptional stability and tyre configurations reduce compaction and increase transport comfort

The Roll Baler range’s low centre of gravity guarantees outstanding stability even when working on the most extreme gradients and side slopes. Owners can tailor the configuration of their Roll Baler to suit their needs courtesy of the tyre offering. All tyre configurations comply with the stringent three metre transport width restriction. Super wide, 500 x 22.5 flotation tyres are available on the Roll Baler 125 that reduce compaction to facilitate valuable regrowth, as well as enhancing traction in boggy conditions. The 55/50R17 tyres are available on both the Roll Baler 125 Combi and on the Roll Baler 135 Ultra for a silky smooth transport ride.

Easy servicing for reduced downtime

New Holland knows that during tight baling windows, every second spent in the yard is a second lost in the field. That is why the Roll Baler has been designed to offer the ultimate in easy servicing. The single piece, light weight front shield provides easy access to all servicing and lubrication points. The centralised automatic greasing system assures long life as does the automatic oiling system which continuously oils all chains.

Exactly what it says on the shielding

New Holland has applied its evolved numbering strategy to the Roll Baler range of fixed chamber round balers to make their performance immediately obvious to customers. The Roll Baler highlights the use of roller technology to form the bale. The numbers, either 125 or 135 denote the bale diameter in centimetres. ‘Combi’ indicates a combination baler-wrapper and the 135 ‘Ultra’ emphasises this model’s heavy duty baling and wrapping usage profile.
NH Baler

New Holland makes steering “EZ” at this year’s Tillage-Live

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

New Holland looks forward to welcoming you to its stand at this year’s Tillage-Live show in Haddington, East Lothian on 3 October 2012. The event will see the first working demonstration of New Holland’s assisted steering system, EZ Pilot™.

New Holland has introduced EZ Pilot™, to join the New Holland stable of Precision Land Management products.

The EZ Pilot™ system uses an electric motor drive with GPS guidance to steer the wheel for the tractor’s operator. It means the operator can focus on other tasks such as sprayer or planter performance, improving job quality and crop yields, all while reducing fatigue.

The system includes T3 enhanced terrain compensation technology, which immediately adjusts steering when dealing with rough terrain or sloping grounds. Unlike other systems, EZ Pilot™ is unique because its seamless integration provides clear access to the vehicle’s instrument panel while maintaining the vehicle’s original steering wheel and telescoping functions.

The high performance EZ Pilot™ system also has a fast reacting motor, compatible steering option, greater flexibility and higher torque, as well as a range of display options and a sleek, clean design.

As well as this, the compact system is easy to install, with simple cabling, meaning it can be mounted anywhere in the cab. It is capable of working with the full range of New Holland T6 and T7 tractors and New Holland CX combines. This completes the line- up for GPS based steering as the larger T8 and T9 tractors and CR combines are supplied either IntelliSteer complete or ready option as standard from the factory.

Precision Farming Sales and Marketing Manager Dan Stuart says the EZ Pilot™ system provides a new level of support and comfort:

“As well as significantly reducing operator fatigue, the EZ Pilot™ assisted steering system allows operators to focus on the things that matter – namely crop and planting quality. It is adaptable to a wide range of terrains, is fast and efficient, provides 30 per cent more torque than other systems in the market and yet is simple to install and surprisingly affordable.

“One of the real benefits to the customer that we have found is the flexibility this system offers means it can be fixed to any machine – not just New Holland tractors and combines – resulting in a convenient option for practically every farmer.”

Also at this year’s Tillage will be the T8 which is revolutionising farming with its compact long wheel base design. The T8 offers improved stability and enhanced manoeuvrability in all applications, with an unmatched 55° turning circle. Front linkage lift capacity of up to 6,290kg ensures even the heaviest equipment can easily be operated. The most powerful Tier 4A ECOBlue™ SCR tractor in its segment, the T8 offers lower operating costs, longer service intervals and New Holland’s exclusive Ground Speed Management concept to further boost productivity.

Sitting alongside will be the impressive T9, New Holland’s most powerful tractor with outputs as high as 669 maximum Engine Power Management horsepower. The engines, developed in partnership with FPT Industrial, use ECOBlue™SCR technology with AdBlue/DEF to maximise performance and minimise emissions. With up to 40 per cent torque rise, increased maximum permissible weight of 25 tonnes and improved tyre fitting for reduced soil compaction, the T9 is a best-in-class heavy-duty machine.

Also on display at the show will be the popular T7 range. Renowned for its flexibility and efficiency, the T7 – like its sister models – includes award-winning SideWinder™II ergonomic control and ECOBlue™ SCR technology, combined with an improved PTO offering and SuperSteer™ front axle for best-in-class turning radius.
EZ Pilot