New CLAAS LEXION and ARION make Ploughing Match debut

New ARION 600 and 500 series tractors
The ARION range has proven a major seller for CLAAS in Ireland. The new generation ARION 600 and 500 range builds on this success and features the latest engine technology in order to fully meet the TIER 4i emissions regulations.

However, the most noticeable new feature for operators is the cab, which is the same as that used on the top-of-the-range AXION 900 launched last year, which sets a new standard for tractors in the ARION power sector.

The cab is positioned slightly further forward, which allows the rear pillars to be moved forward and a curved rear window to be added which provides exceptional rearward visibility. The cab has just five pillars, so providing greater all-round visibility.

Internally, the slimline dashboard is mounted on the adjustable steering column, so can be swung up out of the way for easy entry, and up to five different seat options are available.

The new ARION is powered by Powertech PVX engines with DOC/DPF emissions treatment technology, that offer higher power and torque levels. Maximum power outputs range from 145hp up to 184hp, driving through the well proven and high efficient CLAAS HEXASHIFT transmission.

As previously, all new ARION models are available in either CIS or CEBIS variants. CIS models retain the DRIVESTICK transmission control whilst CEBIS versions, in addition to having the screen incorporated into the armrest, are controlled using the new CMOTION multifunction control unit.
New LEXION combine range
For 2013, CLAAS has introduced a new range of LEXION combine harvesters, including the addition of a new top-of-the-range model, the LEXION 780, the output from which is about 10-12% higher than that of the current LEXION 770. At the same time the output potential of the rest of the Hybrid LEXION 700 and straw-walker LEXION 600 series combines has been increased.

Central to the changes to the LEXION combine range for 2013 are new, more powerful, Stage IIIb (TIER 4i) compliant engines, plus a new DYNAMIC COOLING package for the LEXION 780/770/760 models.

The new 2013 LEXION 700 series also feature the new CEMOS AUTOMATIC control system, making it the first combine to have the ability to automatically adjust itself to harvesting conditions. The system uses numerous sensors to monitor a wide variety of parameters that enable the combine to adjust separation and cleaning settings automatically.

All LEXION 700 and LEXION 600 series combines now feature more powerful TIER 4i emissions compliant engines, with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology used on the two most powerful models, the LEXION 780 and 770.

To accommodate the increased power output of these engines, the new DYNAMIC COOLING system draws air in from above the combine, which is then forced downwards over the engine and sideways through louvers down the side of the combine to stop dust rising. The system also includes a variable fan that only ever provides the cooling output required, so saving power.

In the cab, all the main operating functions are controlled using the new CMOTION control unit and LEXION 700 series and the 670 are also equipped with the latest CRUISE PILOT II system, which when used in conjunction with CEMOS AUTOMATIC and GPS steering, makes the combine virtually fully automatic.

As before, the TERRA TRAC system is available on larger models, which accounts for around 80% of sales where available. A new narrow width model, the LEXION 760 with 40kph roadspeed is available as are three MONTANA hillside versions
Arion 600Lexion 780a

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