Even more performance for the New Holland CR combine harvester

At the Agritechnica 2013 trade fair, New Holland will unveil the Dynamic Feed Roll™ technology as an option for the powerful twin-rotor combine harvesters, the CR 8000 and CR 9000.

The feed roll with its new dynamic stone protection system is installed tangentially across the two longitudinal rotors in the combine harvester.

The Dynamic Feed Roll delivers the harvested grain uniformly to the twin rotors as well as providing an effective method for stone protection on the move, by way of a stone catcher trough beneath the feed rotor.

Many years of trials at the R&D Centre in Zedelgem have demonstrated that this feed roll delivers tangible benefits in terms of grain quality. Furthermore, the tests have shown that the Dynamic Feed Roll requires no additional power requirement because the improved crop delivery to the rotor area actually reduces the need for power.

The advantages for the user are very evident indeed:

• continuous ‘non-stop’ stone protection
• excellent grain quality
• improved crop flow through continuous supply to the rotor
• less strain on the rotor drives

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