New Holland’s new head of ‘Goodwill’

New Holland has appointed a highly experienced new Aftersales Business Manager whose job it will be to oversee the essential area of aftersales customer care in the field.

Rob Alker, who began as an engineer at New Holland in 1994, has since worked his way across the company and across the world, becoming expert, not just in the nuts and bolts of each machine, but in how best to provide top class customer support.

Rob will be managing the aftersales and service staff and ensuring that the network of New Holland dealers are all well equipped, well trained, motivated and geared up to providing the best possible backup for their customers. Rob describes his team as New Holland’s ‘Goodwill Department’:

“Our main task is to make sure that we can ‘close the loop’ for customers when they have a problem, so it can be efficiently and satisfactorily resolved. My team’s job is to make the process of getting the customer’s machine up and running easier. Sometimes it’s necessary to use all means necessary: we’ve been known to stop the production line, or send tractor parts by taxi. I see this job as one that helps to generate customer satisfaction. “

Rob says his new role is a natural progression of his New Holland career: “In my time at New Holland I’ve worked in different disciplines; in sales and in service. I began as a Field Service Technician in the Overseas Department.

“I travelled all over the world, offering technical support and training to customers. It was a real eye-opener. When I started, I’d never been on a plane before. My first ever flight was all the way to New Zealand! It was a great experience and gave me a very broad view of our customers and their needs – which stood me in good stead when I returned to the UK.”

In 2007, Rob laid further strong foundations in his customer care experience when he took on the new role of National Account Manager. This role  focused on key fleet customers and specialised in providing them with very specific customer care:

“At the time we needed to boost our fleet customer base. To do that we devised ways to get closer to our customers. These big fleets need special attention. Because of the sheer number of machines they’re running they are high maintenance customers. We created a department that not only catered for  these needs, but actively encouraged new business from other fleet managers.”

That strong belief in the power of maintaining customer satisfaction has stayed with Rob and is fuelling his enthusiasm for his new role:

“Our dealerships have something to sell: They have the whole goods, the parts and the labour. But in our department it’s less tangible: our labour involves working to develop goodwill and good news, which in turn generates customer satisfaction which is an absolutely essential business tool for New Holland.”

Rob describes a recent incident which shows the team in action:

“Our warehouse received a call late one evening in the summer: The head farmer on a large estate had reported that his combine had broken down in the middle of the harvest. The overnight vans, which were ready to leave the warehouse, waited while the necessary parts were loaded on. Later, there was another call. The farm needed another part. The vans had long gone, so our man in the warehouse, Colin Andrews, who was due to finish work, drove out into the night instead to rendezvous with the overnight delivery vans. The parts arrived at the farm at 6.30 in the morning. The customer was relieved and delighted, the dealer extremely grateful and the aftersales team had succeeded in generating goodwill in spades.”

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