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New Holland has won 5 FIMA and 4 AE50 Innovation awards

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

New Holland has won 5 FIMA and 4 AE50 innovation awards for the Synchroknife, Intelligent Trailer Braking System, Smart key, Steering-O-Matic Plus and the Braud 9090X olive Harvester.
Synchroknife is a single centrally mounted gearbox with double drive for combine headers which is located under the header floor. Synchroknife reduces knife stress, vibration and increases reliability
Intelligent Trailer Braking System automatically manages the equalises the braking forces exerted on the trailer when slowing with the transimission or exaust brake. The trailer brakes are modulated so that the trailer deceleration perfectly matches that of the tractor
Smartkey improves operator and fleet managment. Each operator has a personal smart key which rembers their driving preferences and which the fleet manager via a unique access code activates only certian machines up to a max of 40 machines. Using telematics operators production and efficiency can be analysed. A key expiry date for machines on hire can also be set
The Braud 9090X olive harvester has a unique shaker frame
with dedicated front middle and rear rollers that packages the tree before and after shaking for optimal harvesting. The 3D picking head adapts to each individual tree.

Steer O-Matic Plus is fitted to New Hollands TK4000 crawler tractor range. It allows the operator to engage drive, steer and engage the clutch on one lever using one hand.TK4050