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Case IH Farmall

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Three new series mark the return of a legend
With the launch of new Farmall U, Farmall C and Farmall A series tractors, the Farmall name, deeply rooted in the history of Case IH returns to the forefront of farming. Ninety years after the launch of the first Farmalls, a success around the globe on account of their reliability and versatility, Case IH is relaunching the famous name on a line of tractors that have those exact same qualities. The new tractors received their worldwide launch in Switzerland at the end of July.

Farmall U – The 100 hp bracket all-rounder
The Farmall U Series is a completely new development and has been designed as a premium package, all-round performer that is equally at home on livestock or arable farms. In addition to a new design, the Farmall U series features a completely new 3.4 litre common rail engine, incorporating a wastegate turbocharger, intercooler and an external EGR system. There is a choice of 95, 105 and 115hp models.

Transmissions can be tailored according to the intended use of the tractor. Standard transmission for UK and Ireland is a 24 x 24 powershuttle with two step powershift. As an aid to driving comfort, the driver can select the response speed of shuttle by three-stage rocker switch located on cab ‘B’ pillar. On loader related activity, the fastest response setting enables quicker direction changes for short cycle times and more productivity. In addition, a 20 x 20 powershuttle with creep speed is an option.

Powerful back end
There are further improvements and performance enhancements at the rear. Maximum lift capacity of the electronically controlled linkage is 5,400 kg, with fingertip operation of all key functions, including float, transport lock and maximum hitch height. External raise and lower buttons are positioned on both rear fenders to enable easy hitch up of implements. An external pto start / stop switch extends versatility in static pumping or slurry mixing operations.

New cab concept
Farmall U benefits from the same premium cab concept as Farmall C, and brings significant advances compared to the outgoing JXU. To limit overall vehicle height, heating and ventilation components are packaged under the cab with outlets incorporated into the dashboard allowing cooling air to be directed to the body in summer and hot air to the feet in winter. Standard equipment includes a passenger seat and factory fitted radio with many storage pouches located around the interior. Electrical power outlets and an optional ISO 11786 socket enable Farmall U to power the most demanding of implements.

In front loader operations, an integrated roof visibility window maximises operator convenience.

Farmall C – Compact and versatile
The Farmall C is a completely new series spanning the 55 to 75 hp range, designed for use in livestock farming, specialist crop work such as vegetable production or wide spaced fruit orchards as well as municipal and ground care tasks where compactness and light weight are a bonus. Farmall C features impressive manoeuvrability, an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and strong hydraulic performance, plus superb all-round vision to the key working areas.

Agile modern engines
The new Farmall C replaces the former Quantum C series in the 55-75 hp band, with three models of 55, 65 and 75hp. Power is provided by a 3.2 litre four-cylinder engine from FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies), which combines with the tractors’ compact form to produce a favourable power to weight ratio and a turning circle of only 3.80 metres.

Standard transmission in UK and Ireland is a 12 x 12 synchromesh with optional 20 x 20 creep speed transmission. Whilst mechanical shuttle is standard, the powershuttle is proving to be a very popular option. Top speed is 40 km/hr, while a creep option allows speeds down to 123 metres/hr.

New cab concept
In the development of the new Farmall C series, Case IH engineers focused on maximum driver comfort and ergonomics. Farmall C has a flat-deck cab with heating and ventilation components located under the cab and outlets incorporated into the dashboard. The result is improved comfort from a completely flat floor, good air distribution and exceptional visibility without negative impact on vehicle height. For loader usage, the integrated roof visibility window permits optimum vision of the front loader and the optional loader joystick incorporated into the design delivers best ergonomics.

Farmall A – More power, improved ergonomics,
With the new 65-113hp six-model Farmall A series, Case IH offers greater flexibility and with two new higher powered models at 105 and 113hp offering a wider choice in this popular power sector.

Farmall A is about economy and efficiency, with tractors that feature powerful engines and simplicity of operation.

At the heart of the Farmall A Series are modern, three and four cylinder turbocharged FPT engines. Robust and compact, their characteristics include a high torque rise, meaning fewer gear shifts and high efficiency, plus a low specific fuel consumption.

A wide range of transmissions are available, including an economical 12 x 4 constant mesh, a 12 x 12 synchromesh, a 20 x 12 creep speed transmission or a 12 x 12 powershuttle, the latter particularly suited to loader work. For powered implements, a 540rpm and a 540rpm Eco PTO are provided, plus a 1000rpm PTO for bigger implements.

The new comfort zone
Driver comfort has been at the core of the design of the new Farmall A series, and while these are relatively small tractors, their operator accommodation is anything but. Spacious cabins with convenient access, they also offer improved comfort through the grouping of important controls to the operator’s right.

In comparison to the outgoing JX, the heating and ventilation components of Farmall A are mounted externally to the rear of the cab increasing internal space and enabling a loader visibility panel option. A new engine hood with headlight cluster completes the family appearance.
Farmall 55CFarmall 95UFarmall 115A (2)

Case IH Launchs AFS Support Centre

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS) customers will see an added level of support for their precision farming investment. The new AFS Support Centre provides 24/7/365 access to service and support for everything from monitors, to guidance technology, to receivers, to section control. This additional support will help Case IH customers stay on the leading edge of technology while also minimizing downtime and offering solutions around the clock.

“In cooperation with Case IH dealers, the AFS Support Centre will provide the new level of support required by today’s advanced technologies,” says Uli Sommer, Case IH AFS Marketing Manager. “Now, when a customer calls his country specific AFS Support Centre phone number, he will be connected to a local language speaking AFS support engineer who is dedicated to putting precision farming technologies to work in conjunction with Case IH equipment.”

The AFS Support Centre will further supplement the quality AFS services offered through dealerships by providing highly-trained support engineers with quick access to additional resources. These support engineers will be able to tackle particularly complex issues and will be fully integrated with a centralised knowledge database. Also, product engineers are literally on-hand for additional support and knowledge.

“The AFS Support Centre’s ability to assist with in-field support and coordinate with the service provided through dealerships will give Case IH customers an extended team of experts,” says Sommer. “This ‘one-stop shop’ allows the AFS Support Centre and the technical support staff at dealerships to “own” all issues through to resolution. Real-time data on product issues, trends and analysis are supplemental benefits.”
Case IH AFS Systems

Case IH Farmall A Tractor Range

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

The new seven-strong Farmall A range will makes its debut to UK and Irish customers at the respective grassland events. The range extends from the 55hp Farmall 55A to the 115hp Farmall 115A tractor.
Farmall 55A – the farmyard specialist
Farmall 55A is a new 55hp single specification tractor open station tractor. Standard specification is an 8×8 synchro transmission with left hand mechanical shuttle enabling quick and easy direction changes in shuttle type operations. Standard equipment also includes one rear double-acting remote valve and 540 rpm pto.
Whilst these tractors are designed primarily for working in and around yards and livestock buildings, the rugged and robust construction also makes the tractor very capable in a support role within many other environments. Available in either 2wd or 4wd, these tractors are equipped with an easy access spacious, comfortable operator’s platform.
A folding roll over protection is also part of the standard equipment. When folded this allows the tractor to access areas with a door height of 2m.
Farmall 65A, 75A, 85A, 95A, 105A, 115A – for farmyard and field
Farmall A, which supersedes JX range, brings new features, an increase in power, two additional higher powered models and a new ergonomically designed cab. These six new models which span the 65 – 115hp range are all available in 4wd.
Standard specification on Farmall 65A, 75A, 85A, 95A is a 12 x 12 mechanical shuttle, while the Farmall 105A and 115A benefit from a 12 x 12 powershuttle. In addition, the powershuttle is available as an option on Farmall 85A and 95A.
Internally the ergonomics of the cab have been given a complete overhaul with remote valve levers, hand throttle and rear 3-point hitch control relocated to improve the simplicity of operation. The heating and ventilation unit is now relocated to the rear of the cab to improve the feeling of spaciousness and enable a high visibility panel to be incorporated into the roof. This optional high visibility panel will be especially valuable for front loader operations enabling drivers to keep the loader in view when stacking bales or operating in low roof buildings.
Farmall 65A and 75A are ideally suited to perform the support role on large livestock units whether operating yard scrapers or powering straw choppers. The Farmall 85A and 95A combine power with economy and make ideal loader tractors, while the extra power available from the Farmall 105A and 115A makes these tractors ideally suited for high pto power tasks like operating diet feeder wagons.
Outside of the farmyard these tractors will play an important role in transport, slurry / manure spreading, fertiliser application, silage making and a variety of other field operations. Maximum rear lift capacity is an impressive 3,565kg and up to three rear remote valves can be specified.
Farmall 115AFarmall 115U

20000 hp of CASE IH Quadtrac

Monday, January 30th, 2012

CASE IH are sponsoring a Quadtrac record attempt in aid of Relay for Life a Cancer Research UK initiative, The most CASE IH Quadtrac’s cultivating in one field.
Helen Rainthorpe who is organising the event says the idea for the event came from one of her farms Quadtrac drivers Neil Maddison who felt that it would be a fitting event to hold in memory of John Rainthorpe Helen’s father who passed away in 2010. Since then Helen has taken over the farm and has become the fourth generation to run the family farm.
The event is a world record attempt and will take place on 28th of July at Westhall Farm, Welton Cliff, Lincoln LN2 3PZ. If you want to take part or donate to a worthy charity contact Helen at or for more details Rainthorpe

CASE IH have expanded its Efficient Power technology to more models in the range

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

CASE IH has expanded its Efficient Power technology accros more models in its range to include the new Maxxum and Farmall U these models join the Puma and Magnum ranges in sporting the very latest engine technology that offers high perforance and reduced fuel consumption.
CASE IH’s Racine production facility in Wisconsin has been accredited with ISO500001 certification for energy managment. CASE IH joins just a few companies worldwide to qualify for ISO 50001racine

CASE IH have appointed Sylvain Blaise as senior director of gobal tractor marketing

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Case IH have appointed Sylvain Blaise as senior director of global tractor marketing.
Mr Blaise has led the European Case IH and Steyr marketing teams for the past 6 years at St Valentin Austria.
In his new role Mr Blaise will be moving to Case IH’s World headquarters in Racine in the USA where he will be defining Case IH’s global marketing
Mr Blaise is from a dairy/mixed farm in Bourgogne France and has 15 years professional experience in agricultural technology.Sylvain_Blaise