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New Holland introduces the Roll Baler range, a new series of professional fixed chamber round balers

Friday, September 7th, 2012

The new Roll Baler range of heavy duty fixed chamber round balers is set to become the default choice for professional baling operations. The three model line-up, featuring the standard Roll Baler 125, and two combination baler-wrapper models: the Roll Baler 125 Combi and the Roll Baler 135 Ultra, is set to redefine the benchmark in terms of bale density and wrapping flexibility. Moreover, the sleek modern design and premium construction further enhance the range’s appeal.

“The heavy duty Roll Baler has been engineered by design to offer outstanding in-field performance, uniformly dense bales, efficient road transport and bullet proof reliability. Everything professional contractors and large scale dairy farmers are looking for to boost their productivity.” Stated Bob Hatz, head of Hay and Forage Product Management. “Furthermore, the flagship Roll Baler completes New Holland’s round baler line up, alongside the standard BR6000, fixed chamber baler and the BR7000, variable chamber models.”

Efficient feeding and precision chopping improve profitability and bale quality

The 2.1m pick-up working width for both Roll Baler 125 models and the 2.2m pick-up working width for the Roll Baler 135 model ensure that every last piece of valuable crop is efficiently transferred into the chamber, even when working in heavy first cut silage or dense straw swaths produced by today’s high capacity combines. The five tine bars maintain positive contact with the crop and provide an even flow to prevent clogging. The 470mm diameter rotor features 10mm thick tines for exceptional reliability and durability to further extend machine life.

Precision engineered rollers ensure uniform bale formation and enhance machine reliability

The Roll Baler range features 18 rollers each with a 200mm diameter, for accurate and uniform bale formation. Their aggressive profile maintains contact with the crop, independent of crop type and condition, for dense core formation and uniform filling. Overall machine longevity is enhanced, as the high number of rollers ensures that bale weight is equally spread across the entire circumference of the chamber during formation. It also eliminates excessive loading points. Roller working life has been extended, thanks to a highly wear-resistant material used in their construction. This is perfect for operations that work extensively in particularly abrasive crops.

Flexible wrapping with both net and plastic film options

Contractors can offer their customers even greater flexibility as both the Roll Baler 125 Combi and the Roll Baler 135 Ultra are compatible with both traditional net wrap and state of the art film wrap. Film wrapping offers a whole host of benefits including an improved bale oxygen barrier: this facilitates the fermentation process for higher quality forage

Furthermore, once the initial film layer has been applied, during the wrapping process, the overall cost of wrap is significantly lower. This is because uniform side and end wrapping can be achieved in a shorter time with a reduced quantity of wrap.

Intuitive monitor for fingertip control

The dedicated bale monitor features intuitive impulse contact buttons for true fingertip control. An easy to read display enables operators to monitor and control a whole host of parameters including bale density, PTO speed, net/film indication, manual and automatic tying selection and even the number of wraps per bale. Contractors can provide accurate job reports courtesy of the bale counter which can store up to 50 individual customers’ bale counts, and farmers can accurately monitor the yield per field.

Precision hydraulic operation improves baling efficiency

When used in conjunction with a tractor featuring load sensing hydraulics, the Roll Baler automatically controls the hydraulic flow, using only the precise volume required to maintain pick-up performance and pressure.

Exceptional stability and tyre configurations reduce compaction and increase transport comfort

The Roll Baler range’s low centre of gravity guarantees outstanding stability even when working on the most extreme gradients and side slopes. Owners can tailor the configuration of their Roll Baler to suit their needs courtesy of the tyre offering. All tyre configurations comply with the stringent three metre transport width restriction. Super wide, 500 x 22.5 flotation tyres are available on the Roll Baler 125 that reduce compaction to facilitate valuable regrowth, as well as enhancing traction in boggy conditions. The 55/50R17 tyres are available on both the Roll Baler 125 Combi and on the Roll Baler 135 Ultra for a silky smooth transport ride.

Easy servicing for reduced downtime

New Holland knows that during tight baling windows, every second spent in the yard is a second lost in the field. That is why the Roll Baler has been designed to offer the ultimate in easy servicing. The single piece, light weight front shield provides easy access to all servicing and lubrication points. The centralised automatic greasing system assures long life as does the automatic oiling system which continuously oils all chains.

Exactly what it says on the shielding

New Holland has applied its evolved numbering strategy to the Roll Baler range of fixed chamber round balers to make their performance immediately obvious to customers. The Roll Baler highlights the use of roller technology to form the bale. The numbers, either 125 or 135 denote the bale diameter in centimetres. ‘Combi’ indicates a combination baler-wrapper and the 135 ‘Ultra’ emphasises this model’s heavy duty baling and wrapping usage profile.
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