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Ecolution by Scania: A new greener transport concept

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Ecolution by Scania: A new greener transport concept

Today many transport companies are grappling with environmental issues and demands that they should provide “green transport” services. This is why Ecolution by Scania is now being launched. It is a new business concept that helps transport companies reduce carbon dioxide emissions and operating costs.

Scania ecolution

The idea behind Ecolution by Scania is for transport companies to partner with Scania’s experts and put together a transport solution that includes products and services with the smallest possible environmental impact. This is basically a matter of combining existing tried and tested, commercially viable solutions that each help to lower fuel consumption and thereby lower environmental impact.

“Ecolution by Scania makes our extensive green product portfolio visible to customers,” says Martin Lundstedt, Head of Franchise and Factory sales in charge of sales and marketing. He continues: “There is a lot we can do here and now. In close cooperation with our customers, we can help to optimise their operations, reducing both fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions, while boosting life-time profitability.”

Customers who choose the entire offering receive an Ecolution by Scania certificate. The individual elements can also be purchased separately.Customers who choose the entire offering receive an Ecolution by Scania certificate. The individual elements can also be purchased separately.

Unique solution for each customer
Because the needs and circumstances of customers vary, each solution is unique − individually adapted to specific transport tasks. For urban traffic, for example, Ecolution by Scania offers a solution using ethanol trucks, which significantly helps to lower carbon dioxide emission. For forest and construction haulage, the solution involves robust vehicles fuelled with biodiesel.

For most types of long-distance haulage, diesel is still the only realistic alternative. But with the right vehicle specification, services and maintenance, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced while keeping fuel costs down.

Common to all these solutions is the opportunity to add a number of green options, for example:
Driver training courses operated by Scania reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10 percent for customers in long-haulage, even with a skilled driver behind the wheel. The training courses focus on economy driving, which may also lead to a reduction in wear and tear as well as the risk of accidents.

Driver follow-up at agreed intervals helps to ensure sustained savings. After the initial driver training course, Scania staff maintain contact with the drivers and provide personal feedback on their performance. The customer also receives help in monitoring and analysing fuel consumption data.

An extended maintenance programme is designed to keep carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption at their new, lower level.